Update November 20, 2013


Update November 20, 2013

Friday: Found out that MTM will no longer pay me for mom’s transportation effective on her family care enrolment date of the 11th (Last Monday) and family care will not guarantee payment for her rides until after our meeting with them November 26. If this occurs that is a loss of about $30.00 per week in mileage reimbursement and if for some reason I can not take her there is not state transportation back up as neither will schedule the ride. To me this seems to be a major flaw in the system!

Saturday Special food pantry monthly extra giveaway pick up for my friend. Regular Saturday cares. We made a sweet Hawaiian chicken with a modified recipe using a brown sugar substitute and light soy sauce. This was the first time under the revised recipe and it was just as good as the original but better for you. Received a ton of paperwork in the mail today to fill out for mom’s family care and get turned in as soon as possible.

Sunday Homemade beef vegetable soup. Worked on paperwork for Mom’s family care. Regular cares.

Monday Dialysis and chiropractor for mom as well as regular cares. Leftover beef vegetable soup tonight and it tasted even better today after sitting overnight in the frig.

Tuesday Much paperwork today. Survey from hospital on mom’s heart cath., getting the printed copies of charting needed for meeting on November 26, add new mileage form to electronic charting as required for November 26 meeting, reconcile CPAP download report with charted hours (Needed to show times off when we woke up with the mask off.).

Wednesday Dialysis for mom today. I got my flu shot today. It is currently sleeting here so travel conditions will be deteriorating so will take me longer for travel. 1/2 to 2 inches of snow predicted over next 2 days.

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Larry, I am sorry to hear about the transportation mess; I hope that gets straightened out at the meeting. The food sounds delicious! Wishing you safe travels. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all the paperwork gets you good results.


Larry, is sounds like you have a lot going on! The Chicken and Soup sound Fantastic! \r\nI am sorry to hear about the transportation issues and payment snafu! Wow, what a mess! I am hoping that your documentation will be an asset! Best Wishes as you safely drive your sleety conditions!


By the way I am still working on the paperwork we received Saturday as I am having to coordinate with providers and the dialysis center on this.