Update of 01/08/14


Update of 01/08/14

car_troubleWednesday: Happy New Year's! Dialysis today. Plus I had cares for my friend when Mom was at dialysis. We also had turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes today.

Thursday: We stayed in today for a day to rest after the holidays. I did set Mom’s pills up for the week.

Friday: Chiropractor, dialysis, pharmacy, and laundry today. When we got up regular temp was -11 and wind chill was -23. Predicted to be wind chills of -50 to -60 over the weekend and beginning of the week.

Saturday: Normal cares and shopping today for cleaning supplies.

Sunday: Normal cares today. Homemade turkey noodle soup today and Phase 10 cards. -8 F air temperature with -17 F wind chill today when got up. By the time I am getting ready for bed it is -4 F air temperature -31 F wind chill. Schools in the area have already closed for tomorrow and some for Tuesday already with predicted wind chills being -50 F to -60 F.

Monday: -30 F Air temperature with a -48 F wind chill. Car would not start and back-up transportation was also unavailable because of cold. Had to reschedule Mom’s dialysis treatment for tomorrow morning and we had to start our disaster emergency plan for delayed treatment. The CMO has a back-up transportation set up for tomorrow morning. I brought the car battery in to warm it up and see if that would help. I had to miss Your Caregiving Journey with the additional responsibility that occur under our disaster plan to help keep Mom comfortable with less water, even lower sodium diet, much more rest with feet up and more monitoring. The good thing is it is not too hot out with the very little amount of water as she dehydrates easy in the summer and her normal water amount is almost not enough during the summer. This is the first exercise of our disaster plan and I think we are going to have to review our plan with her nephrology doctor and the dialysis center as the plan is supposed to be able to be sustained for three to four days but I do not think that she could handle it!

Tuesday: Air temperature is -15 F with a -31 F Wind chill when getting up. Most schools in the area also closed today.  Car still will not start; sent Mom with back-up transportation to dialysis. Back-up transportation gave us a 15-minute window for arrival and they arrived 15 minutes later than that and made multiple stops on they way to pick up and drop more people off getting her to dialysis 10 minutes late. Fortunately they were running late at the dialysis center and she was able to get her full treatment. Installed chat on caregiving.com today. Was able to get Mom, my friend and myself out to the holiday party of a club that my friend and I belong to as Mom and I were able to ride the handicapped bus that my friend had set up to get there. We had a very good time.

Wednesday: Air temperature this morning is -9 F but no wind so wind chill is -9 F. Sent Mom by back-up transportation they were on time relatively today. About 5 minutes late from the 15 minute window they gave us but this was to be a direct ride so she was there in time. I have been working with car to get it going. So far I have had a frozen battery, frozen fuel line. I am awaiting the battery to finish fully charging to try the car again as we now have the fuel line unfrozen but the battery is showing low even after having inside two days.

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Larry, I applaud you for having your backup options in place, from your disaster plan to backup transportation. Even with the need for tweaking, I'd say you were very well prepared. I'm also glad your battery was still under warranty, though am sorry about the bad fuel cell, especially in such cold weather.\r\n\r\nWe have a home battery booster, which I think cost us about the same as your service call. I hope your weather eases up.


We have to look at her fluid restrictions during her disaster emergency plan. Normal fluid restriction is 1 1/2 ltrs per day and during her disaster emergency plan she gets 1 cup per day. She has to take pills 6 times during the day plus a medication that takes 2 oz 3 times per day so that only leaves her 2 oz for her pills and the day or her med that needs to be mixed with water.


Oh, I'm so glad to hear that your car is working! I just think you are awesome and how you handle all that gets thrown at you. \r\n\r\nI'm curious about your mom's disaster emergency plan. What would you change so that the plan is better?\r\n\r\nThanks so much for keeping us posted. It's always so great to hear from you.


Update: Got car going turns out battery had a bad cell in it. Well the battery was under warranty so no cost to replace, it did cost $45.00 to have a professional to come out and jump start the car.