Update of 10/23/13


Update of 10/23/13

johnny_automatic_crockpotI would like to thank all for their well wishes on my birthday. From several sources I received more well wishes than I could even hope to respond to.

Wednesday: Pizza was very good and I ate too much! Good night's rest with Mom at sleep center. I did a little work before rest though because it kept nagging at me that I had three days of charting to finish entering to have all the back charting entered to be ready for my meeting to be paid for taking care of mom. I have been inputting all of the current stuff as we go and now have all the past three months worth in as well.

Thursday: Heard on AM news that government reopened! Now I to get my review reset for getting paid for mom. Picked Mom up from sleep test and we went out for breakfast. Made call to her case manager and was told that the office handling getting paid for caring of mom is normally Monday through Thursday and she is still getting the closed message so is thinking that they will reopen on Monday.

Friday: Doctor was at dialysis. Due to current restrictions due to local MRSA I could not meet with the doctor and Mom. The doctor did the rounds then meet with the families and care givers individually in the conference room. We were also informed that some of the isolation rules would be starting to be lifted on Monday as they are getting the local outbreak under control.

Saturday: Today was rainy and cold so we stayed in. I had a lot of paper work to do for a training session I would be conducting at church tomorrow. Mom wanted to work on knitting her scarves. My friend wanted a lazy day as he had went out Friday with his scooter for an adventure Friday.

Sunday: I did my cares and Mom and I went to church for the training. The training went well. Came back from training and everyone took a nap.

Monday: Dialysis today. Visitors are now allowed back for meetings again. Had meeting with home medial supplier for changes to mom’s cpap based on her sleep test last week. Mom’s case worker was out with a family emergency. My friend (with the help of his weekday provider) made beef vegetable soup today in the crockpot for all of us. It was a nice treat for a cold fall day.

Tuesday: I got the shot for my annual TB test today and it will be read Thursday. Talked with Mom’s caseworker and she is awaiting a return call about getting the rescheduled appointment to get me paid. We meet for the review of paperwork next week Tuesday.

Wednesday: Attending webinar “The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey” Part 1 today during the time mom was at dialysis. If time permits I will also attempt to be in the 1 PM CT chat.

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So glad the pizza was good and your days have been going smoothly. I hope everything continues on a positive path.


Larry, you do a great job coordinating your day and pacing out what you can, especially with so much to deal with. I'm very glad you and your mom had some good rest and good pizza and soup. :-) I'm also thankful for the medical center's MRSA precautions. Am keeping my fingers crossed for a good outcome for your mom's case worker and family.