Update of 10/30/13


Update of 10/30/13

Green_Bay_Packers_logo.svgPlease note: I write about each day in Microsoft Word each night during paperwork time and then I post on a weekly basis.

Wednesday: Attended webinar “The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey” Part 1 during the time mom was at dialysis. I did miss the first 15 min due to technical difficulties. Over lunch hour had a mini care meeting for my friend (friend, and weekday caregiver and myself.) to review how things have been going. Attended part of the 1 PM CT chat. Received a belated birthday present today. (A pair of Green Bay Packer scrubs.) Bought “The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey, Sixth Edition.” I also this evening listened to the recorded webinar during the time I was working on my paperwork for the day.

Thursday: My annual TB Test read today (negative). Full home care meeting for my friend today (my friend, his case worker, his nurse manager, his weekday caregiver, myself, and by phone his medical supply supplier). I received my PCW name tag required to access my friends building starting November 1. Due to more limiting to my friend’s mobility, he is starting to have some functional incontinence. His case worker has decided that us as his home care team should attend an incontinence seminar that they are running through one of the local hospitals. Part of the prerequisite is that we agree as part of the training time we will spend time in incontinence products our self. She provided us each with a sample pack of two real fit briefs, two regular briefs, two shields, two boxer style briefs, pack of five under pads (bed protectors), and a pack of wipes. What was explained to us is that it has been found that you are more sensitive to their needs with relation to their incontinence if you have experienced the feel of using the product yourself. I am a little apprehensive about it but will give it a try so I can try to understand some of that he is going through.

Friday: Attended webinar “The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey” Part 2 during the time mom was at dialysis. Laundry tonight.

Saturday: Several errands today along with Mom and my friend's cares.

Sunday: Cares for both again today. Phase 10 cards and relaxing today. Made homemade mini bagel pizza bites today.

Monday: Mom at dialysis. I finished entering last week's charting to the computer and in the evening I entered information form today to be ready for our meeting to see about getting me paid tomorrow. I also made sure all the paper records were filed in their books completely up to date.

Tuesday: Meeting to see about getting me paid for taking care of mom. All Medicare and Medicaid paperwork filled out. Awaiting approval of paperwork by Medicare. We are having to submit it again as it expired during the government shutdown. I have been told that once approved again that we will have an in-home visit by an evaluator to evaluate what is needed for supplies and time requirements. I have already been told the 24 hours will probably hold but how it is divided out to personal care and supportive care is the big thing. I could be paid different rates based on the categorization of it.

Wednesday: Will be watching the Webinar on the 2013 Annual Family Caregiver Survey.

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I love how well your care team coordinates, and the sensitivity shown in the incontinence products training. There was a time when I wore incontinence briefs as a precaution, though I admit I didn't have to challenge their capabilities. I felt pretty confident in them because they gave me one less thing to worry about. My partner wore them while recovering from a back injury, plus used the pads. All worked fine.