Update of 11/18/14


Update of 11/18/14

winter-clothes-62309_640Mom is out of the hospital as of 6:45 p.m. last night. It was determined that she got a lung full of cold air and it caused spasms of the lungs and chest wall causing the shortness of breath and chest pressure.

He foot is still giving her problems and they have supplied her with a ROOKE HFS Boot. She is to have this boot on any time she is not ambulating. She is not to put a shoe on that foot. They would not supply us anything for ambulating so I had to put her shoe on to bring her home as we have about two inches of snow on the ground and I will have to put it back on her tomorrow to take her to dialysis. Hopefully they will have a solution.

I now have to warm the car up to have the passenger area warm then wrap her up well with two scarves over her face and help her out to the car as fast as possible. No new medication changes. No other care changes. With her pain medication she sleeps much of the time.

They were using a walker for her for ambulating in the hospital but will not order her one for home and told us to talk to her PCP at our Friday appointment. On waking today the temp was 12 F with a wind chill of -4 F. The temp on discharge for Mom was 19 F with a wind chill of 8 F.

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Hang in there! You are doing a great job.


I may not always comment, Larry, but I'm following your story. Wishing you strength through this ordeal.


Oh, I wish for a warm up for you!! I hope today is uneventful and smooth. I also hope you can catch up on your sleep tonight. Keep us posted as you can.