Update of 1/19/15


Update of 1/19/15

0114160935aOn January 7th my friend finally completed his move. We are still working on getting his new place set up and this has been taking a lot of my time.

On January 14th my mom got her check socket for her second leg and they started limited physical therapy on January 18th. They will take the check socket back on January 28th if all goes well with it and then make her semi permanent leg in about two to four weeks and then she will be able to start full PT and OT to get walking with a walker and then should be able to come home.

Mom was having some problems at dialysis because her blood pressure was dropping out. After some investigation it was found that the rehab center was giving Mom some of her medication before dialysis that they were to hold until after dialysis! This has been corrected and her blood pressures have stabilized at dialysis.

I am getting ready for the start of the February Certified Caregiving Consultant class and look forward to being able to help people in new ways.

Photo used is mom standing at the fitting of her check socket with her one semi permanent leg and her check socket in the parallel bars.

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So glad to hear you will be taking the Certified Caregiving course, Larry. I hope it becomes an inspiration and an opportunity to continue doing all the compassionate things you do so naturally. Thanks for keeping us updated on your mom's progress. Your photographs say so much about being brave and resilient.