Update of 12-11-13


Update of 12-11-13

cold+thermometerWednesday: Mom got sick at dialysis. Her head was all filled up and she was coughing. The staff instructed me to take her home and give her a hot shower and put her to bed and, if she was not better in the morning, to take her into the doctor’s office. Very little sleep for either of us tonight as Mom was coughing all night!

Thursday: 8:00 a.m. called clinic and got Mom in at 10:00 a.m. with another provider as her primary is out of the office till December 8. Good news is that it has not settled into the lungs and is viral so they are treating symptoms. Bad news is that she can have very limited decongestants due to her dialysis and interactions that that causes. She was given a cough syrup that has codeine in it that puts her to sleep most of the time. With a filled up head and coughing, she is having problems with her CPAP going into excessive apnea mode and thus over pressuring her, causing her head to plug up even more. We have had to go against her sleep doctors' wishes and not put her on the CPAP even though it will cause her to become non-compliant and Medicare may refuse to pay for her to keep it and she would then have to do another sleep study to get it back. She does not want to do another sleep study as she has broken out from the electrode adhesive both times she has had one and there is not another adhesive that they can use so will need to see how this all turns out.

Friday: Chiropractor and dialysis for mom. Laundry for my friend and us. Wind chill when we got up was -11F!

Saturday: Regular cares, grocery shopping and supply shopping for us and my friend.

Sunday: Regular cares today. Homemade chili and phase 10 card game today.

Monday: Dialysis and chiropractor for Mom today. Wind chill -15 at time to go out in morning. Call came from managed care agency that the doctor had the hand signed paperwork from them and would mail it to them. I facilitated picking it up at the dialysis center and dropping it off at the managed care office as it is on the way home. Meeting has been set for Thursday afternoon to give me my official breakdown of hours, time card information and pay rare for taking care of mom! Mom could not tolerate her CPAP tonight!

Tuesday: Mom’s bronchitis getting worse up most of night with her. Her head is filling up, cough syrup prescribed not working for more than one hour (can only take three times per day), cannot tolerate her CPAP and she cannot get warm. At 6:00 a.m., called her dialysis nurse manager for advise and advised to call her PCP’s office at 8:00 a.m. and see if they can get her in, otherwise taker in to urgent care (walk-in clinic). Well, they were able to get her in with a PA in her PCP’s office as her PCP was out sick and it turns out she has a sinus infection to go along with her bronchitis! She now has five days of super antibiotics. Need to take her temperature every four hours and take her in if over 100.

We also need to do a saline nasal rinse daily for one week and follow up with her PCP’s office when we go in on the 18th to her sleep doctor. She is also to keep taking her cough syrup and if things get worse bring her back in sooner. There is a concern that it may move to pneumonia IF we cannot get the sinus infection under control as it is causing much postnasal drip. PCP’s office wants us to keep her off CPAP until sinus infection is cleared up but sleep doctor and Medicare insists that she has to use it each night or they will not pay for it! I will not force her to wear the CPAP but I will encourage her and we will do what we need to do to get things straightened out with Medicare. Wind chill -20 when we left for clinic.

Check for taking care of friend deposited today short one week of the two-week pay period! I called on this and am told that it will be deposited Friday as it was inadvertently missed (yah right! As this is the third mess up in my check since September!)

Wednesday: Wind chill when getting up -15 and dropping predicted to be -25 by tonight! Dialysis for Mom today. Getting all paperwork together for tomorrow's meeting.

Mom has had problems staying warm since her heart surgery in 2010 and even more so since dialysis. With the cold temperatures and her sinus infection and bronchitis, it has been very hard to keep her warm. I have the thermostat set at 80 have her under a heated blanket with a quilt over the top and she is still cold. I know this is normal for her but it is hard for me to watch.

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I am so sorry for all that your mom is going through, and for the Catch-22 with the CPAP. I hope documentation from the PCP can make a convincing case for extenuating circumstances. Sending blessings and prayers (including for warmth) for this holiday season.


Oh Larry, you are so good at advocating for Mom - the CPap and Medicare's wishes are really tough issues in your Mom's health. I am sorry we sent the cold chill out your way! Praying for health and safety as you two brave those outings in frigid temps!


Larry--I am so sorry about your mom! It is awful to watch a loved one in distress. I do hope she is able to find some comfort and rest tonight. Please tell her that we all hope she's better ASAP.\r\n\r\nYour diligence in caring for your mom is wonderful, Larry. You are right there to ensure she receives the best care possible. She is lucky to have you, as are we. Thank you so much for being here with us. You really remind us all of that's good in the world. :)\r\n\r\nStay warm! Your frigid cold has reached Chicago. !!