Update of 12/5/14


Update of 12/5/14

Friday: On waking the temp was 14 F. The high for the day was 29 F. Dialysis, chiropractor, follow-up appointment with Mom’s PCP from her hospitalizations and laundry today. No cooking today, many leftovers from yesterday (Thanksgiving). Mom’s PCP got us in with the NP for the vascular surgeon because of many conflicting orders in the system for Mom’s care and the NP got this all straightened out.

Saturday: On waking the temp was 23 F. The high for the day was 49 F. Regular cares today.

Sunday: On waking the temp was 12 F with a high for 32 F. Regular cares today. Turkey noodle soup from Thanksgiving leftovers with homemade bread.

Monday: On waking the temp was 6 F with a high of 14 F. Dialysis today.

Tuesday: On waking the temp was 7 F. The high for the day was 30 F. Regular cares today and chiropractor today.

Wednesday: On waking the temp was 20 F and the high was 29 F. Dialysis today with medication review and podiatry appointment. We owe Mom’s podiatrist a big thank you as it was her attention to detail that found the PAD and ischemia of Mom’s foot that saved mom’s foot!

Thursday: On waking the temp was 16 F and the high was 34 F. Diafiltration at dialysis for Mom today. Apparently she has lost some weight and so they have not been getting all her excess water weight off.

This morning (Friday) I posted my first #coffeewithacaregiver post on facebook and am sharing it here also:

coffee with a caregiver

Caregiving can be such a lonely experience. I joined a great community called Caregiving.com–I’m now surrounded by support.‪#‎coffeewithacaregiver‬ with my hot apple cider.


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Hi Larry--That podiatrist is a hero! Thank goodness for her and thank goodness you advocated for your mom to get her such great care.\r\n\r\nYOU MADE MY DAY! :) I saw your post come through my Facebook news feed and, oh, my gosh, what a thrill. So glad you joined in today. You are such a blessing to all of us.