Update of 1/25/14


Update of 1/25/14

Smiley_green_alien_sick.svg.medThis week has not been much better!

On Sunday, I started throwing up again!

On Monday, I got Mom to and from dialysis but had to take the rest of the day off with my other paid clients as I was too sick to do anything else.

On Tuesday, I do essential services only. We were to see Mom’s vascular surgeon today but his is out with sick child. Scheduled to see him Thursday.

By Wednesday I was back to everything for my short day. I am on a liquid diet only as solid foods are upsetting my stomach so I have been having several dietary supplements a day.

On Thursday, we see mom’s vascular surgeon. The discussion was made that Mom will loose her right foot below the knee as blood flow has not been improving in the foot. She is starting to see more decline in the use of the foot plus the ischemia is progressing. If we do it now, Mom has the best chance of continued use with a prosthetic and with wound healing. If we wait and it gets infected, we have a much lower chance of proper healing and use of a prosthetic.

On Friday, we have dialysis and  I have regular cares. Today I am finally able to keep solid foods down.

On Saturday, things going well until I came home from some errands and found Mom on the floor! After an assessment, I found that she was alright so I get her back into her chair. She had waken up from her nap. She went to the bathroom and when coming back her right leg went out from under her. She was being stubborn and not using her walker! I had to quickly call a friend to stay with Mom as I was on duty at church. The initial plan was Mom going with but not now and I was not leaving her alone after this stunt!

On Sunday, everyone slept in.

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Oh Larry I'm SO sorry that you have had all of this on your plate! The saying is defiantly right when it rains it pours!\r\nGlad you got the surgery scheduled and praying that everything went well!\r\nHugs from Kansas!\r\nMaria


Surgery is 1/29/15 unknown time yet will not know till about 6 PM today. There is no cell coverage in the hospital and our instructions even call for them to be shut off in the building. We had pre-op appointment yesterday 1/27/15 and went well much prep tonight and tomorrow morning. As of sometime between Friday and yesterday signs went up at the entrance to the hospital and clinic telling you to shut off your cell phones.


Ooohhhhhh, Larry!! So much!!!\r\n\r\nI sooo hope this week is better and the walker gets good use. \r\n\r\nI'm so sorry about the news about your mom's leg. I like your perspective--to do the surgery know so she maintains her quality of life. Do you have a date for the surgery?

John Parks-Coleman

I hope that the next week is better for you. You've got some serious strength and skills in maintaining the tasks vs priorities. We will keep you and your Mom in our thoughts and prayers.


I'm sorry you're having such a rough time! I hope you recover your health soon and that your mother's surgery will go as well as possible. Wishing you a better week this week!