Update of 1/30/14


Update of 1/30/14

falling_snow3Friday: Chiropractor, dialysis, pharmacy and laundry today.

Saturday: Normal cares today.

Sunday: Normal cares today. We made Sweet Hawaiian Chicken (2 # boneless skinless chicken breast, 1/3 cup light soy sauce, ½ cup brown sugar substitute, 4 small cans of crushed pineapple with sliced water chestnuts simmered in Crockpot for 4 to 8 hours) and Phase 10 game. We also ended up in lockdown for over one hour at my friends just as we were getting ready to leave do to an armed robbery that occurred in the parking lot behind his building.

Monday: Air temperature of -12 F and wind chill -38 F when getting up. Dialysis and chiropractor for mom today.

Tuesday: Air temperature of -17 F and wind chill -37 F when getting up. We stayed in today and took it easy. I set mom’s pills up for the week today. Back pay was finely deposited today but this pay periods was not deposited today and told will be deposited with the second pay day for this period on January 31 as they can only deposit from one pay period per deposit. Received word from my friend that the company he has for weekday cares has fired his primary care person from their company and he will be getting someone new. He is not happy as she was a good worker and now he has to retrain someone. The last two times they did this before he got the one they just fired it has taken them a long time to get up and going. They do not get everything done because they run out of time so he gets very irritated and demanding wanting me to do more. But I also do not get any extra pay either because the MCO will not approve extra hours for them not doing everything if they are there for their full time!

Wednesday: On waking up, -10 F air temperature -24 F wind chill. Dialysis today. New provider only got his legs wrapped before time was up and did not even get to housekeeping. On the way out she knocked over a jar of candy he had on the table and it broke all over the floor. She was still going to leave and let it sit as her time was up. He called me and I called the company that she works for with the complaint. They called him and sent a supervisor out to clean it up but it was still on the floor for over one hour and it was right in his walkway to the bathroom and he also has a dog that had to be kept out of the broken glass! We are filing a formal complaint through his MCO that has hired this company.

Thursday: Air temperature of +30 F with wind chill of +25 F (a heat wave compared to past couple of days) and snowing when I got up. We are planning on taking it easy today with the snow as they are predicting up to six inches of snow and the roads are slippery right now according to the morning news.  Well, my friend's weekday provider is over a half hour late today and the company that she works for is not answering my friend's calls or mine. We have both called his MCO to see if I am going to have to go do it or if they can find out what is going on. We need the MCO to approve extra hours for me if the other company is not coming in. His social worker at the MCO is going to file a quality alert on this company and may look at changing the company.

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Update from 4 PM meeting\r\n\r\nSomeone was there doing the cleaning when I showed up at quarter to 4. The social worker from his MCO showed up at 5 to 4. The one that was there cleaning was scheduled to leave at 4 and when she called in her leaving at 4 she asked when the supervisor was to be out for the meeting and they told her he was on his way that he left the office 5 min ago. (Office is less than 10 min from my friend’s appt.) 20 min after 4 he shows up. The social worker from the MCO told him that he MUST see that someone is there on time, properly trained and do ALL the work and the next time that they mess up they will not be paid for the day and they will be charged anything extra that is needed to get me to come in and do the work at overtime pay as well as an administrative charge of $100.00 per day by the MCO to cover their expenses in having to make the arrangements with me and the 3rd party paying agent that pays me. If the person needs training on how to do his legs it is the responsibility of the agency to provide them enough extra time to complete ALL tasks at no additional charge. She also ordered them to pay for the jar of candy and were informed that it was NOT ACCEPTABLE for her to leave with it on the floor and any continued infraction of safety rules would result in suspension of pay for their company until ALL claims were settled and would not release them from their contractual obligation to provide the services! The MCO is providing me 2 extra hours of pay this week for all that I did this week!


Oh, Larry, this is awful. The poor care is so disrespectful to your friend. I can't understand how they don't respect this is a person who deserves quality care. \r\n\r\nYou are such a blessing, Larry. It's wonderful how you stay on top of his care to ensure he gets the care he deserves. I hope the meeting resolved some of the issues.\r\n\r\nI love your weekly updates. :) And, the Hawaiian chicken sounds awesome!! :)


Update: The MCO was able to get a hold of the company and was told she would be there 3 hours after regular scheduled time and that they had informed my friend of that by phone yesterday. There is no voicemail from them and his phone does not show an incoming call from them since Tuesday when they let him know they had fired his regular person and that this new person was coming. When she showed up she was not going to do his leg wraps because she did those yesterday and did not get to cleaning so was going to clean. They have 2 hrs each day 1 for his legs and 1 to clean. Wrapping his legs normally takes about 15 min but to show her the video that shows how to wrap them right and what you need to watch for etc is a 30 min video. She had to watch it twice yesterday and still took 1 hour to wrap him. Today she had to watch the video again and still took an hour to wrap his legs. All she did in the other 1/2 hour is take out the trash from the kitchen. She did not empty the trash by his chair, by his bed, or the bathroom and did no other cleaning! He called me complaining because the company would not answer. I called the MCO who put me in a conference call with them (I was on mute) and ordered them to get someone out there to do the cleaning at no additional charge seeing they have not properly trained their staff and are contracted to do both or they will have me do it and charge it back to them. As of now no one has come out to clean but they gave them till 5 PM to get it done. The social worker is going over to his house at 4 PM and has asked me to meet her there so we can come up with our plan.