Update of 1/30/15


Update of 1/30/15

hospital-207692_640Monday: Dialysis today; we met with MCO about Mom's surgery and the discharge information needed.

Tuesday: Pre-admit meeting today. Met with her care coordinator to work out problems with discharge planning based on problems from last discharge. And I learned who to talk to once Mom is admitted.

Wednesday: Dialysis today. Pre-op shower No. 1 with special antibacterial soap. Will be NPO at midnight with exception of clear liquids till two hours before reporting to hospital. Received call that she needs to be at hospital at Noon tomorrow.

Thursday: Pre-op shower No 2. I fought with Mom about breakfast and her not getting her normal medication. We arrived at the hospital, had one hour of prep time, two hours of surgery. Had conference with surgeon and he stated that the tissue at the amputation site looked good and that things went extremely well. One hour in post-op then admitted to a room. At this time it was too late in the day to meet with the people that I needed to for the discharge process. I went home and went to bed at 9:00 p.m. I am not sure Mom will remember I was there because they had her well medicated. This is the first night of uninterrupted sleep I have had since her last hospital stay.

Friday: Back to hospital by 8:00 a.m. to meet with unit social worker and CNL (Clinical Nurse Lead) to coordinate discharge as advised by Mom’s care coordinator. This seemed to be a productive meeting as they could see the problems that occurred with her last discharge and are agreeing to work together to get that coordinated so that things can be done correctly this time. I am currently awaiting Mom to come back from dialysis, which should be about 11:00 a.m.. I am going to have a lot to update in her caregiver’s notebook but will not be able to do much of it until she is ready for discharge from rehab as I have to wait for the new care plan that will be completed when she comes out of rehab. It looks like I may need to have an aid come in to help so I can continue to work or that I will have to stop working as her care may now need to be 24/7. Even if I stop working I will be looking for some help coming in or a day program as I do need some time for me! I am told that a prosthetic is probably at least six months to one year off due to healing time needed. It could be sooner depending on healing, her therapy progress and type approved by her insurance.

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I'm glad to hear the surgery went well. I hope that you can make a plan for her post-surgery care that gives you what you need for yourself - whether it's work or time, or, ideally, both.


Hi Larry--I'm so glad for the good news from the surgeon. I was thinking of you guys yesterday.\r\n\r\nI hope you can get some help!! Did the discharge plan include a home health aid through Medicare?


Glad surgery went well!\r\nPrayers & Hugs from Kansas!\r\nMaria