Update of 2/11/15


Update of 2/11/15

speedometer-498748_640On Saturday I did not see Mom. I had my first class for upgrading my Ham Radio license from technician to general. I talked to Mom on the phone in the evening and she played bingo at the rehab center today.

On Sunday, I did my regular cares and then went to see Mom. We had fun and went down to the rehab center’s corner café. I bought her some treats to have in her room and a card for the corner café so she can go down and get treats any time they are open. I also received a list of things from her that she wanted brought up or sent up to her.

On Monday, I brought her dialysis things up to dialysis and several of the things she wanted that she could take back on the back of her chair. I also am going up again today as they are having her admittance care conference and I will take more of the items with me. Several of the items will need to be sent up over the week as I see her at dialysis and when I go up again on Sunday for my regular weekly visit. Just to remind you it is a 31-mile one-way trip to see her at the rehab center. I will also see her three times a week at dialysis and at each care conference. We will have care conferences more often to begin with and they will gradually move to monthly per book received from rehab center (but based on her anticipated recovery time will get down to every two weeks if the schedule holds true). The afternoon care conference was just a bunch of paperwork for the MCO so they would pay for what Medicare would not pay for and for her transportation to dialysis and doctor appointments. We were also informed that Mom's yearly review of services, goals etc is due in March and we will have to have a meeting on that but will probably do after a regular care conference.

On Tuesday, I had regular care for my other clients and a call from the social worker at the rehab center that her care conference is set for next Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. and that I need to be there by 10:00 a.m. for PT and OT training. After the meeting she will have lunch and we will need to leave to come back to town for her follow-up meeting with the vascular surgeon.

Today I meet her at dialysis with her dialysis bag and several more things that she wanted that I could send up on the back of her chair.

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I think your visiting schedule sounds great, Larry. It's the best way to manage your mom's care and keep up with your clients. I hope you've been able to take advantage of sleeping through the night.\r\n\r\nI hope you have a good weekend. :)


OK, I'll bite: what's the difference between a technician license and a general license?