Update of 2/1/15, Post Surgery Day 3


Update of 2/1/15, Post Surgery Day 3

doctor-73117_640(1)Friday night: Mom started hallucinating. I am told this is normal when coming out of anesthesia and on pain meds for a dialysis patient. Even after the meeting with the social worker this morning she has not done any of the things required. At about 4 p.m., I received a call from the nurse on floor that no discussion was made on who to go with for her rigid dressing. The social worker had not even faxed the required info to her MCO for approval and determination of the contracted supplier. I still do not know if this ever got done because by the time I could do much it was 4:30 p.m. and the hospital social workers and her MCO were gone for the weekend.

Saturday: She slept most of the day which I am told is also normal.

Sunday morning: Mom is starting to come around and is eating solid food. OT came in and got her to stand with a walker but she was rather week and could not stand long. They will need to work on stamina before they can work on anything else.

I have had several nights of uninterrupted sleep. Before I will take her home, I have a list of things that I have put together that need to be completed so that I have the info I need to take care of her. The list is as follows:

* A full written care plan. (I have everything in bits and pieces from prior and no comprehensive plan.
* A fall emergency plan.
* A plan for regular review of care plan and a person to call if we need to make changes to the plan in between reviews.
* All supplies in adequate quantity and equipment needed to take care of her.
* Plan for replacing consumable supplies.
* Any training I need for taking care of her.
* New functional screen by her MCO. (This sets her budget and the number of hours I get for taking care of her.)
*Record of all equipment and supplies sent home with her, including lease or ownership status.
*New list of medications including brand name, generic name, strength, dosage, when to give on a regular basis (coordinate with dialysis) and when last given and next time to give.
* Availability of respite care for me if needed.

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