Update of 2/19/14


Update of 2/19/14

low_hemoglobinSaturday: On wakening up the are temp was -4 F and wind chill -18 F and snow. Regular cares and laundry today. (I left mom with our friend when I did laundry going back and checking on her when I transferred from washer to dryer to do BP etc.)

Sunday: On wakening up the are temp was +5 F and wind chill -11 F. Regular cares today and I had a training to conduct at church. A friend from church who is a nursing instructor stayed with Mom during this time.

Symptoms had to watch Mom for over the weekend and their outcome:

  • bleeding in the fistula area - None

  • extra bruising in the fistula area - None

  • swelling in the fistula area - None

  • shortness of breath - None

  • pail skin - Slightly but not pronounced

  • excess trouble concentrating - Some but not major

  • dizziness/lightheadedness - Some on standing after laying down

  • headaches - None

  • excessive fatigue/loss of energy - Yes slept most of time but nurse advisor stated to let her sleep  unless other symptoms present

  • nausea - None until on car ride to dialysis

  • vomiting - none

  • BP - stayed on low side of normal range

  • Oxygen saturation - stayed on low side of normal range

  • feel for the thrill of the fistula (Pulse in fistula) (If not there or reduced call) - normal

  • listen for the whooshing (Sound of normal fistula when listened to with stethoscope) - normal

Monday: On wakening up the are temp was +23 F and wind chill +9 F and snowing so hard only had about 5 to 10 feet visibility. Dialysis and chiropractor today. After running the numbers (weight when she came in Friday, weight when she left plus amount taken off through dialysis) it is now believed that she lost close to 1 1/2 units of blood. Her hemoglobin count came back as 10.3 (up from 10.0 last Wednesday) and 10-12 is normal for a dialysis patient so they say she is not anemic. It is puzzling how her hemoglobin could come up without any medications after she lost that much blood as it takes most normal people 7 to 10 days to recover from giving 1 unit of blood. A dialysis patient with CKD is far from normal as CKD in and of itself is a cause of anemia!

Tuesday: On wakening up the are temp was +12 F and wind chill +1 F. Mom’s IBS kicked up today (she hasn't had a flair-up in over two years) so we stayed home and did not do much that is a disappointment because it got up to +41 F today!

Wednesday: On wakening up the are temp was +15 F and wind chill +7 F. Dialysis today. They took her Hemoglobin count again today and it was up to 10.6 again without any medication! When we got out of dialysis it was +42 F. We did stock up on groceries because we are under a winter storm warning from 3:00 a.m. Thursday through 6:00 a.m. Friday. They are predicting rain to start tonight changing to snow by morning and then blowing and drifting as well.

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Hi Larry--You did an awesome job last weekend ensuring your mom was okay. Amazing how much blood she lost and how quickly she recovered. Loving care can be the best cure. \r\n\r\nI hope you are able to enjoy this weekend and that you, your mom and your friend have a fun adventure on tap. You all deserve a little break from our terrible winter weather.