Update of 2/27/14


Update of 2/27/14

fallingThursday: On wakening up the air temperature was +35 F and wind chill +28 F and raining. Weather expected to deteriorate to freezing rain then snow so we made the decision that we would stay in today and we did not even get out of our pajamas.

Friday: On wakening up the air temperature was +6 F and wind chill -5 F. We have ice-covered roads today but chiropractor, dialysis, pharmacy and laundry happen today. Mom got major cramps today and came off dialysis early as her medication was not working. An appointment was made with her PCP for first thing Monday morning to see about her cramping.

Saturday: On wakening up the air temperature was +10 F and wind chill -3 F. Today started by going for a special monthly food pick up for my friend. I got there and the parking lot is a layer of ice. Right as I was getting in line another person fell on the ice and landed flat on his back hitting his head. I and several others in the line (one was an EMT) went over to check on him. He was complaining of his back and neck hurting and that he could not feel his feet. We immediately called 911 and the EMT immobilized his neck with the improvised materials we had available to us. As I was not needed right there, I went to direct emergency vehicles in and keep other vehicles out as he was laying right at the end of the line of cars in the traffic lane. Once the fire department (first responders) and the ambulance arrived I headed back toward the line and the fallen person. The ones in charge of the giveaway had decided by that point that they were canceling the giveaway today and rescheduling for next week to keep others out of the icy lot.

I had to stay to do a witness statement for the accident report. He was put on a backboard with collar and head restraints due to the unknown injuries that may have occurred. Those in charge had put out over 100 lbs of salt about an hour before this happened and the ice was melting but then started to refreeze. Once I was done with the statement for the report it was off to my friends for his care and to let him know what happened and that he will not get the special giveaway until next week. I later found out that I know the brother of the one that fell as he lives in the same apartment building as my friend.

Sunday: On wakening up the air temp was +4 F and wind chill -11 F. Normal cares. We made homemade chicken noodle soup and played Uno.

Monday: On wakening up the air temperature was +4 F and wind chill -10 F. Today, we have Mom’s appointment with her PCP, dialysis with doctor (nephrologist) at dialysis and chiropractor. The PCP appointment was to discuss the cramps that Mom had during dialysis. Her recommendation to the dialysis center was to make warm packs for Mom to keep her legs and feet warm as cold has caused cramps for her for since she was in junior high school when she froze her feet. She also had her stop one of her meds for 10 days and then we will go back on a lower dose. Nephrologist agreed about the warm packs. We were also informed that her albumin count is low so she needs more protein. I have been ordered to give her red meat or eggs at every meal. Chicken or pork are not adequate supply of protein.

Tuesday: On wakening up the air temperature was 0 F and wind chill -19 F. It was very cold today and Mom’s arthritis was acting up so we stayed in today.

Wednesday: On wakening up the air temperature was -9 F and wind chill -26 F. Dialysis today. Hemoglobin up to 10.7 without medication. Warm packs seemed to work but still had some cramps. During her time at dialysis I attended a webinar by the American Association of Kidney Patents on Managing Anemia. It was lightly snowing on the way home and sustained winds of 29 MPH gusting to 45 MPH.

Thursday: On wakening up the air temperature was -8 F and wind chill -29 F. Watched “Strategies to Help Manage a Caregiving Crisis.” Sleep doctor today. New CPAP prescription sent to our new supplier. Talked with new supplier and have meeting in AM to get new CPAP.

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The dialysis center and her MCO are responsible for purchasing the packs as they need to meet cretin standards regarding cleaning and sanitizing to be able to be use in the dialysis center. We use an electric blanket and hot water bottle at home with very good success. Also any medical supplies that we buy has to be approved by her MCO even if they are not paying for because if there is any issue with the item causing problems they can drop her coverage immediately and to be approved by them requires a doctors Rx! if they drop her that means all Medicaid, family care, and county funding are gone as well as her extra help from Medicare and Medicare Part D are gone.


Larry--You are always in the right place at the right time! You are always so terrific in an emergency--calm and proactive. You could have led the webinar this week on strategies to manage a crisis. :)\r\n\r\nWe have a new product in our Discount Center which keeps legs warm. When you visit the Discount Center, scroll down to VasoWraps. http://www.m40.siteground.biz/~caregiv6/2013/08/caregiving-discount-center/\r\n\r\nI love your updates. :) I hope you, your mom and your friend have a good weekend. Thanks so much for keeping us posted and for all you do in the world.