Update of 2/5/14


Update of 2/5/14

id not have one of the pills ready as it needs pre-authorization form the insurance and they have yet to respond. Called doctor's office and they told us to stop in on the way home and gave us some samples of the med to hold us over.

Saturday: On getting up air temperature of  -5 with wind chill of -7. Normal cares today

Sunday: On getting up air temperature of -7 with wind chill of -9. Normal cares today. We also had pancake breakfast today at church. Then at my friend's we had a puppy bowl party. (It is on Animal planet we are not football fans but are dog fans.) This was a pot luck party and we had so much food left that we are having a leftovers day on Monday.

Monday: On getting up air temperature of -8 with wind chill of -23. Dialysis and chiropractor today

Tuesday: On getting up air temperature of +3 with wind chill -9. Did house cleaning today. Had a conversation with mom’s MCO about the problems with the prescriptions. She suggested that we call Medicare and see about getting her Part D that they pay for under extra help changed as they are not servicing us properly.

Wednesday: On getting up air temperature of +5 with wind chill of -12. Dialysis today. When we arrived at dialysis they had Mom's prescription that required pre-authorization there for her filled by the hospital pharmacy instead of her regular pharmacy. The staff there told us we would be getting a letter from the insurance company and the doctor on it so we are waiting. Talked with Medicare today and will be changing her Part D plan effective March 1 and we will be changing to the hospital/clinic pharmacy at the same time. I spent two hours on the phone with Medicare today to get this done. We have a meeting with the MCO tomorrow for her three-month follow-up.

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Hi Larry--I so hope the change to Part D will resolve all the pharmacy problems. \r\n\r\nI love that you watched the puppy bowl. :) Do you have any pets? I've never thought to ask you before.\r\n\r\nHow are you surviving this latest blast of cold? Is the car starting okay?