Update of 3/27/15


Update of 3/27/15

tube-radio-338511_640On Saturday, I passed my test to upgrade my amateur radio license to general class!

On Sunday, I went to see Mom at rehab center even though it was snowing. I thought it was spring!

On Monday, Mom had dialysis. Many local area schools closed or delayed due to snow storm over night.

Tuesday was regular work for me.

On Wednesday, Mom had dialysis today. More snow today! My friend and I were mentioned on Ham Nation (twit.tv/hn) episode 189 tonight for our upgrades to our amateur radio license. This is an international show about amateur radio.

On Thursday, Mom had her annual exam and mammogram.

Today, Mom had dialysis and I did laundry.

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Congrats on passing the test, Larry! It's an especially admirable accomplishment given what you've been going through with your mom.\r\n\r\nI sooo hope this week will be \"normal\" too. :)


Larry, you reminded me that my dad was a Ham radio operator. I can still remember his call letters: K2DYG. I remember as a kid going into the basement and he would be communicating with Bill, in Rhode Island. They went to high school together, with my mother. Bill was in the Navy, dad in the Army during WWII. They would use Morse Code to go back and forth. My mother introduced Bill to Ella, who was in nurses training with her and they married. We visited them throughout my childhood. What a nice memory of my dad you brought back to me.\r\n\r\nTake care and rest, a new week is coming...as is Spring.


This week felt very strange to me. I keep feeling like I should be doing more! I actually seem more tired this week from not being active enough!