Update of 3/4/15


Update of 3/4/15

restaurant-358238_640Wednesday was dialysis today. Things seem to be going well.

On Thursday, I had care for paid only clients today.

On Friday, Mom had dialysis and I did laundry.

On Saturday I picked up food for the extra food fair at the local food pantry for several of my clients.

On Sunday I went to visit Mom at rehab.

On Monday, Mom had dialysis.

On Tuesday, we follow-up with surgeon for mom. Everything going well.

Today it's dialysis. I also found out much of my email from caregiving.com is going to my spam folder and I have to log on to the web interface to find them as they don’t download with my email. I am still working on getting this fixed. It appears to have been going on for over 30 days as my spam folder automatically empties entrees over 30 days old and things were shown for the oldest date in my spam folder. I already have the sender address on my white list and in my address book so I have a request in to gmail tech support to try to solve this.

I am going out to eat with a friend tonight to a fancy restaurant.

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Hard trying to do things for you. It may sound selfish but it's called survival.


So good to hear that everything is going well for your mom. I'm also glad that you are getting to take some time for you!


Larry, I am so glad your mom's doing so well, probably working hard in rehab too! You are working so hard all of the time! I think you deserve a fancy dinner out and hope you have a wonderful time!