Update of 4/11/15


Update of 4/11/15

kcMnMd9XiOn Monday, Mom had dialysis. Regular cares for clients today. Mom had an appointment with her endocrinologist. Her endocrinologist is having a fit as the doctor they have following her at the rehab center has been playing with her insulin and not consulting him when it is his specialty. The endocrinologist is filing a formal complaint against the doctor who follows her at the rehab center as they both work for the same health system. The rehab center also did not send any of mom’s blood sugar counts and so the endocrinologist asked to have them sent to her diabetes nurse educator tomorrow.

On Tuesday Mom had follow-up with her diabetes nurse educator and the surgeon. The diabetes nurse educator was unable to do much as the rehab center did not send any of her blood sugar readings as requested from the appointment yesterday. Called rehab center for them and told that the doctor following her up there has them and that they need to get them from him and his office is not returning my calls or any calls from diabetes education or the endocrinologist’s office. Regular cares for clients today. Voted today.

On Wednesday, Mom had dialysis. Regular cares for clients today. Received status update from PT/OT on Mom’s therapy; she will be a 1 person transfer when she comes home. This has brought up a question for me about public restroom use.

On Thursday, I had regular cares for clients today. Grocery and supply shopping for me as well.

On Friday Mom had dialysis. Had to take client’s service dog to groomer today. It was raining and when we got to the groomers the dog got out of the car and promptly rolled himself in a mud puddle! Thankfully I will not be the one having to give him a bath!

On Saturday normal cares for clients and laundry today.

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Larry, you are such a gem! You are such a valuable advocate for your mom AND the others in the rehab as you continue to hold the Dr. accountable. It seems like this continues on for way longer than it should,,, keep up the great work! I too loved how the dog rolled in the mud on the way to the groomer, LOL!


As frustrating as the situation with the rehab center is, it's great to know you do have a great, caring team (like the endocrinologist) on your side. I hope that your advocacy and persistence will cause more changes at the rehab center. It certainly needs them!\r\n\r\nI got a kick out of the story about the dog!!


Larry,\r\n I am amazed at what the rehab center is doing & that they have gotten away with doing this as they most likely have been doing this for years. Good for you & your health care team for calling them out on this.\r\nYou are a rock star & your mom is VERY lucky to have you !\r\nMaria

Tracey Martin

Hi Larry,\r\nThat status check for level of care is so scary. With the blink of an eye everything can change.i know if my mother can no longer move herself in bed that it is a game-changer in my ability to keep her home. Thanks for posting.