Update of 4/21/14


Update of 4/21/14

holy_10061cFriday: On waking the temp was 39 F wind chill 36 F with rain. It got up to 68 F but kept raining. Chiropractor, dialysis, and laundry today. I was in green today. Many of the caregivers at dialysis were also in green as I had posted Denise’s article on the patients and family bulletin board at the dialysis center. Several patients have asked if there is a day for them to support caregivers by wearing a certain color?

Saturday: On waking up the temp was 44 F wind chill 37 F with rain. It got up to 53 F but kept raining. Regular cares today.

Palm Sunday: On waking the temp was 34 F with wind chill of 25 F and rain. It got up to 44 F but kept raining. Regular cares today.

Monday of Holy Week: On waking the temp was 31 F with wind chill of 20 F with snow. It got up to 35 F with mixed precipitation. Dialysis, chiropractor, and pharmacy today.

Tuesday of Holy Week: On waking the temp was 26 F and wind chill of 17 F. It got up to 38 F. Today was errands day.

Wednesday of Holy Week: On waking the temp was 32 F with wind chill of 25. It got up to 54 F today. Dialysis today. We went to shadow stations with our youth group at a parish in the next town to us.

Holy Thursday: On waking temp was 43 F wind chill 38 F with falling temp got down to 38 F. Dentist for Mom today and with detour it was just over a 60-mile round trip. Mom has one more tooth that needs to be surgically removed and that will be Tuesday afternoon. Mass of the Lord’s Supper tonight with adoration until 10:00 p.m. then striping of Altar. I took the lead in stripping the Altar as our pastor was unable to do much of the lifting because of his heart failure from several weeks ago.

Good Friday: On waking temp was 29 F with no wind but dense fog. Dialysis today. During dialysis I am at Good Friday church service. Then we had laundry. Temp today got up to 55 F.

Holy Saturday: On waking temp was 38 F with wind chill of 30 F. Got up to 70 F today. Started day with decorating at church and then training for Easter Vigil Mass. Then regular cares for day and Easter Vigil Mass.

Easter Sunday: On getting up temp was 54 F with rain. It got up to 58 F and rained all day. Regular cares today. We had a residence, friends and family pot luck at the building that my friend lives in. We had much good food and ate too much!

Easter Monday: On waking temp was 53 F with fog and misting. Dialysis and chiropractor today. This is also the first day of severe weather awareness week in the sates of Wisconsin and Minnesota. I use this week as an opportunity to review our emergency plans and supplies. High today 74 F. My friend got a note from the company that manages his building that they need to clean their own patio  this year as maintenance is no longer allowed by local law to come onto your patio to clean off the leaves and debris. He is unable to do this himself, his weekday providers will not even sweep the patio or empty the trash can on the patio so I will probably be the one having to do it. We have a call into his case worker at the MCO to see about for this.

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Larry, I admire your persistence in keeping a schedule and seeing that things get done right, in spite of uncooperative weather. I lived in Michigan's EUP for 11 years, and most people used it as an excuse to get out of everything (church in particular) that they didn't want to do. The one great thing about living up north is the day you get to open the windows, everyone comes out and walks the street, and you realize you are a SURVIVOR!!!