Update of 4/22/15


Update of 4/22/15

2015-04-19 14.13.10On Sunday, I had regular cares for clients today and visited Mom at rehab center.

Monday was dialysis for Mom and regular cares for clients. Start of Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

On Tuesday, I had regular cares today.

Wednesday was dialysis for Mom. Storm spotter training tonight (refresher course) for me.

On Thursday, regular cares again. Tornado drill day today. I did do a radio check in for the afternoon drill. I d Id participate in an evening drill in Minnesota.

On Friday, Mom had dialysis. Wore my green family caregiver shirt today.

On Saturday, I had regular cares for clients.

On Sunday, I  visited Mom and started with helping with transfers. (See photo for this post.)

On Monday dialysis for Mom. Regular care for clients.

On Tuesday, we had surgery follow-up for Mom. She has graduated from the surgery aspect of her surgery and they are sending the referral for the prosthetic!

Dialysis today and regular cares for clients.

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We also need to schedule some time for training for me and write up her care plan yet but they are not working on this yet as far as I know.


I do not know when she will be coming home. Communications has been a problem with the staff in the know since all of the shake up with new acting administrator and the like. We do need to give her MCO at least a 2 week notice as they have 14 days to approve any care, supplies and equipment she needs and then they may need more time to get the equipment or supplies if they need to be ordered in. This communication has not occurred with the MCO as of this morning and if we do not hear anything by tomorrow I will be going down to the MCO’s office and we be conference calling the rehab center and if we do not get answers then we will be calling the state ombudsman again.


I love the photo of you and your mom!! \r\n\r\nI agree with Pegi--I hope healing and recovery continue so that you both can get back to your social life. With summer coming, you've got a lot to do!!\r\n\r\nHoping this week goes well.


Sounds like things are moving in the right direction!


SO happy to read that everything is going well!\r\nDoes your mom know when she is going home?\r\nMaria

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