Update of 5/10/14


Update of 5/10/14

calendarTuesday: On waking it was 40F with wind chill of 34 F. High of 60 F. Mom had a tooth surgically removed today.

Wednesday: On waking it was 37 F with wind chill of 32 F. High of  52 F. Dialysis today. Raining after dialysis.  Had to fight with optometry department at the clinic because they rescheduled Mom’s appointment in June without calling. They also scheduled it during her dialysis time because they did not see her dialysis in the computer and so told us just to schedule her dialysis at a different time. I had to go to administration to get it changed as this is not the first time I have had the same problem with this department. Administration as previously had her account flagged not to scheduler her on Monday, Wednesday or Friday without talking to us. Now they are flagging do not schedule any appointment without talking to me.

Thursday: On waking up it was 40 F with a wind chill of 32 F and rain. High was 47 F. Participated in the afternoon tornado drill in Wisconsin and the evening drill in Minnesota. (Minnesota is just across the river.)

Friday: On waking up the temp was 37 F with wind chill of 35 F. high today 68 F. Dialysis and laundry today. Mom has been able to cut the chiropractor back to one time per week. I spent over one hour on the phone today because my mileage reimbursement check has yet to arrive. It was due Monday but usually does not show up until Wednesday or Thursday because they do not mail it until Monday instead of Friday as per the information on their reimbursement form. Still no answer on what is happening with my mileage check. We are scheduled to have a meeting with Mom’s care teem at the MCO on Thursday and this will be a topic of discussion as this is an ongoing problem!

Saturday: On waking the temp was 38 F with wind chill of 37 F. The high for the day was 59F. Regular cares today.

Sunday: On waking up temp was 43 F with wind chill of 38 F and rain. High of  48 F with rain all day. Normal cares today. Roast chicken and dressing today.

Monday: On waking up the temp was 43 F with a wind chill of 39 F and rain. High for the day 47 F and rain all day. Dialysis and chiropractor today.

Tuesday: On waking up the temp was 39 F with wind chill of 33 F and rain/snow mix. High of 43 F with rain all day. Sleep doctor appointment today. Brakes went out on car on way home. I limped the car the one block home.

Wednesday: On waking up the temp was 39 F with wind chill of 32 F and fog. High today 44 F. Called mom’s MCO and got her cab ride to dialysis. I called around and got the car towed to the garage. I got estimate of almost $1,000.00 to fix the breaks.

Thursday: On waking the temp was 41 F. The high was 49 F with rain all day. I walked three miles today pushing mom to Coulee CAP (Community Action Program) office to apply for a Work-N-Wheels grant to help with paying for car repairs. We took the bus home. I did get approved for the grant and they are paying 2/3 of the bill.

Friday: On waking the temp was 45 F. The high for the day was 58 F. MCO got cab for Mom to dialysis. Car was to be done by 5:00 PM today but received call at 4:15 PM that car would not be ready as they received a defective part. None were available in town and they had to wait till Monday to get one as it was being shipped in from either Chicago or Minneapolis. The place repairing the car also owns a cab company and they would give me a ride to and from the laundry to do our friend's laundry.

Saturday: On waking the temp was 40 F. The high for the day was 62 F. Regular cares today. Pushed my mother in wheel chair about one mile to church. After church pushed her about two miles to grocery store. Then pushed her about three miles back home.

Sunday: On waking the temp was 41F. The high for today was 60 F. Regular cares today. Goulash and salad today.

Monday: On waking the temp was 48 F. The high today was 67F. MCO got Mom a cab ride to dialysis and then chiropractor and home. Received car back about 5:00 PM to the cost of $318.75. Needed all new brake lines, pump, master break cylinder, new pads on all four wheels, and ABS chip.

Tuesday: On waking temp was 45 F. High for the day was 68 F. Grocery shopping and laundry for us today.

Wednesday: On waking the temp was 51 F and light rain. High for the day was 65 F and it stopped raining right after I got Mom in to dialysis. We also had to stop at the pharmacy today. I also spent about one hour on the phone getting Mom’s appointments straightened out as they rescheduled her podiatry appointment  to a time during her dialysis and even changed doctor without consulting us. The doctor they scheduled her with is not on her insurance plan so would not be paid.

Thursday: On waking the temp was 53 F. The high for the day was 80 F. Thunderstorms in the evening. This was basically a day of rest. Received a call that the podiatry appointment that we set up yesterday did not work and had to be changed again.

Friday: On waking the temp was 56 F and falling. The temp dropped to 52 F by noon and then started to rise and it got up to 58 F.  Dialysis today. Laundry for us and our friend. Received a voice mail today that they had to reschedule Mom’s podiatry appointment again. I called service excellence and filed a complaint. Service excellence took the complaint and put me in contact with the administrative assistant to the Vice President who oversees the clinic for the health system. She told me she would consult with department and get back to me. About 20 minutes later I get a call back from her. She had with her the head of the podiatry department, the doctor himself, and their scheduler so they could set up the appointment. She also informed me that she had talked to them all and told them they must agree on a time and keep it or face disciplinary action from the health system.

Saturday: On waking it was 43 F. High today 69 F. Rain most of the day. Regular cares today.

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Hi Larry!! First, I am so glad to hear from you! I've missed your weekly updates but I can now see how much you've had going on. \r\n\r\nSecond, a very Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom. How are you celebrating?\r\n\r\nAnd, third, you so inspire me. Wow. You have such a fighting spirit--I just love it. No matter what goes wrong, what doesn't work, you keep going. And, you keep going in such a matter-of-fact way. \r\n\r\nNext time something breaks and I want to sit and cry, I'm going to keep pushing, just like you. :)