Update of 6/1/15


Update of 6/1/15

11200872_888097534565653_1670693497455171756_nOn Thursday, I brought one of my clients to a doctor's appointment. Another client ended up in the hospital last night. (I do not know why as his social worker called me and she did not have any info at this time.)

On Friday, I was at dialysis with mom. I locked my keys in the car at dialysis today. Luckily mom remembered her purse today so she had her spare keys. Laundry today. Broke wristband on my watch today.

On Saturday, I provided regular cares for clients today.

On Sunday, I had regular cares for clients today. I went to see mom at rehab center.

Monday was Memorial Day and dialysis. Regular care for clients today. My client who went to hospital on Thursday is out and I went over there only to arrive just as the first responders and ambulance did. He was bleeding and is being admitted to the hospital again.

Tuesday was regular cares for clients.

Wednesday was dialysis for Mom and regular care for clients.

On Thursday, I had regular care for clients. I received CareGifters program funds today. I have put them in a separate account to help fund the deposit etc for our required move as soon as we can find a new place that is affordable. I wish to thank you for the help and peace of mind that this gives me and mom.

Friday was dialysis and laundry and regular care for clients.

On Saturday, I had regular care for clients. Client who was in hospital got out today.

Sunday regular care for clients. On way up to see Mom, I received a call from the rehab center that she was weak and that they had to lower her to the floor when transferring her as she was too weak to complete the transfer. This is considered a fall by the rehab center, her MCO, Medicare and Medicaid. When I got see Mom she was uninjured but very weak and shaky. When her supper tray came it was filled with foods that she is not to have (broccoli, peanut butter, and bananas) as they are high in potassium and her potassium level is up. They have had to put her on meds to try to get it down that has been causing some unwanted side effects that are not serious but are annoying.

Monday was dialysis with Mom. Talked with nurse at dialysis center and her symptoms could well be from her high potassium level but they cannot check her potassium level again until Wednesday. They did have me call CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services) and do a conference call to find out what the rules are for the rehab center regarding the diet and the problems we have had. Based on the discussion with CMS I am to call the administrator of the rehab center and file a formal complaint. I am also to point out to them that per CMS standards when there is a special diet and problems have been reported that every tray is to have a slip on it that states her diet, certifies that the tray meets the diet requirements and is double checked and signed as well. At least one of signers MUST be a registered dietitian. The RN of the unit is also to review the tray and sign off on it! I was also told that I should call the state ombudsman again and file a complaint with her after I have talked to the administrator of the rehab center. I have called the rehab center but the administrator is not in and had to leave a message for her and am awaiting the call back as of the writing of this!

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