Update of 6/19/15


Update of 6/19/15

0618150920On Monday afternoon, I received a call from the social worker for one of my clients. I have been approved for more hours to cover for what the weekday team has decided they are not going to do and a raise of $1.00 per hour!

On Tuesday I had multiple appointments for Mom. Eye doctor cataract in both eyes surgery scheduled for both eyes (two weeks apart). Diabetic dietitian found everything good in the carbs department and was deferring to dialysis dietitian for the potassium. Cardiologist every thing okay for her recheck in six months. Regular care for clients.

Wednesday was dialysis with Mom. Regular care for clients.

Thursday was regular care for clients.

Friday was dialysis with Mom. She arrived not feeling well. She had thrown up at the rehab center before leaving and just as she got to the dialysis center. By the end of dialysis she was feeling better but kept her bucket with her anyway. Doctor appointment with a client today. Laundry put off till tomorrow because of this appointment.

Saturday was regular care for clients and laundry today. Called rehab center to check on Mom and they told me she had thrown up again as she got back from the rehab center but she ate well the evening. She also ate well for breakfast and lunch today as well as went to bingo so seems to be feeling better.

Sunday was regular care for clients. Went to visit Mom.

Monday was dialysis with Mom. They took Mom from dialysis to the hospital for a fistula gram (I was unable to make this as I had a doctor’s appointment with a client!). Regular care for clients.

Tuesday was regular care for clients. Called rehab center to find out about her fistula gram and was told that hospital sent no paperwork so would have to talk to dialysis. Mom had afternoon podiatry appointment and everything was good; three-month nail care follow up set.

Wednesday was dialysis today. Found out that they did balloon open one place during the fistula gram but that they did set her up for a surgeon consult as this was her second fistula gram in a month. Also found out that they eye doctor went and scheduled several post surgical follow ups for her and did them during dialysis time so had to call and try to get them rescheduled. I had to talk to service excellence and file a complaint on the department as they told us to change her dialysis time. Service excellence canceled the appointments and was to have eye department call me back to reschedule. Dietitian appointment with a client today.

Thursday, first prostatic fitting for mom today. (Photo is of the cast made of her stump that will be used to make the connection fitting from.) Regular cares for clients.

Friday was dialysis with Mom. Reviewed her scheduled appointments online and found that they eye department had went and rescheduled her for the times that we had cancelled and never called me back so I called Service excellence again! They are not happy and are having an administrator call me. Laundry today. Received call from rehab center that Mom has been having an upset stomach and loose stool this afternoon and they were having some type of culture test done to check for bacteria.

Note: Mom’s Caring Bridge page will be updated more often than here but will probably have less detail.

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AHHH! I'm so sorry about your mom's most recent trip to the ER.\r\n\r\nHow is she?\r\n\r\nI'm thinking of both of you and so grateful for all you do.


Thinking of you as you look after your mom so well. Glad to hear you're getting a raise. You deserve it! Hope the ER can get your mom comfortable.


Larry, sorry to hear that your mother has been taken to the ER. Hoping that all is resolved quickly.


Since posting received call from rehab that mom's abdominal pain has worsened and they are taking her to the ER up there. I hope this goes better than last time!


You've been very busy. I hope you're keeping your chin up.