Update of 6/26/15


Update of 6/26/15

door-349807_640On Friday after my last post received a call from rehab center that Mom had bad abdominal pain and they were taking her into the ER. They take her to the ER in the town where the rehab center is located and they are to stabilize her and transporter her to La Crosse (Home) per the protocol we have set up. I was waiting a call for the transfer that did not come so I go to the med records for the hospital up there and see that she was treated for a bladder infection and UTI and discharged back to rehab center. I try calling the rehab center and was getting a recording that my response was not recognized and to retry my response. I kept trying until I fell asleep in the chair after 11:00 p.m. with the same results.

On Saturday I keep trying the rehab center between clients with the same response. I tried Mom’s cell phone several times but she did not have it turned on.

On Sunday I try rehab center when I get up with same response. Go to church and to clients trying the rehab center again between things with same response. So I leave to go to the rehab center for our visit and get stuck in traffic from an auto accident with fatality so traffic did not even move for 1 1/2 hours! I try calling when sitting in traffic with same results. I finally get to the rehab center and the nurse that is on can only tell me that she is on an antibiotic and she does not know any more and that the phone system is down for incoming calls and will not be fixed until sometime Monday. Mom is not very with it as they have her on pain pills.

Monday is dialysis. Mom is still not feeling very well but was informed by dialysis that Mom had a follow-up appointment with her PCP Tuesday morning and in their opinion we should give the meds until then to work. I also called the administrator at the rehab center with the complaint of not being called back and not being able to call in as well as that she was not transferred to La Crosse. She made the excuse that she came back at shift change and each of the nurses must have thought that the other let me know. The phone issue she was not aware of but did give me an emergency cell number for her nurses station to use if this happens again. As for the transfer to La Crosse the doctor they have following her at the rehab center decided it was not necessary as they could treat her there. Did care for paid clients.

On Tuesday I meet Mom at clinic for her PCP follow-up and eye pre-op appointment. Her PCP took one look at her and asked a few questions and escorted us right down to the ER! Mom had excessive abdominal pain, had not been to the bathroom since Friday afternoon! They did many tests and believed that she was constipated from the pain meds and antibiotics so they changed her pain meds and gave her meds to help relive the constipation. By this time it was after 6 p.m. I found out during the time we were in the ER here in La Crosse that when she was in the ER Friday by the rehab center that they left her in a room by herself without a blanket or call light for over an hour. She also stated that she would rather die than go back to that ER again! Social work was called in for a consult on this and the only recourse that they could offer was for me to call mom’s MCO tomorrow and report it and ask for their advice. PCP follow-up set for Thursday. I quickly arranged for a cover for my paid clients for today.

Wednesday was dialysis. Mom is still not feeling better but told to give the new meds a chance and wait for follow-up with her PCP tomorrow. Did my paid clients today. At 4:45 p.m., I received a call from the surgeon that she was to see on her fistula gram that they had to reschedule which I did.

On Thursday I get to PCP; she again escorts us back o ER! This time they admitted Mom to the hospital! With the following being the problems listed on the addition recorded: Ileus, Nausea, Abdominal pain, UTI (urinary tract infection), Hyponatremia, and Possible Bowel Obstruction. They started many tests including a contrast CT scan, x-ray of abdomen, colonoscopy, also using a vacuum in the colonoscopy tube to clear out the colon and they removed over 4 gallons of material. They ordered a long list of labs.

Friday was inpatient dialysis today as well as many tests so. From 6 am. until l 6 pm. she has been in her room about one hour total.

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Wow, Larry. My heart goes out to your mom for her comfort and care, and to you for how hard you are fighting to get her attended to. You continue to do an amazing job, wrestling with the healthcare system.


Oh, Larry! So much!\r\n\r\nI so hope you both hear news this weekend that ensures your mom receives the care she needs to just get better. What a long haul for both of you!\r\n\r\nAnd, it would just be nice to have your mom settled home with you.\r\n\r\nThanks so much for keeping us in the loop.