Update of 6/8/15


Update of 6/8/15

060715On Monday afternoon I received the call back from the rehab center administrator about the diet problems. She told me they would not do the sheet on her tray with the signatures as they do not work that way. She will do some retraining with the kitchen staff to be sure they are following my mom's diet plan. I did not find this acceptable as she is not following Medicaid guidelines so I called the state ombudsman again. She was very upset that we are having diet problems again and that they did not implement the Medicaid requirement that had been previously discussed. She was going in on her own for checking on it and would get back to me by the end of the week.

On Tuesday, I had regular cares for clients today.

Wednesday was dialysis and regular care for clients today.

Thursday was regular care for clients today and a conference for one client to discuss his progress and shortfalls in his MCO plan to attempt to get him the services he needs. Received call from rehab center that Mom broke a tooth and the dentist that comes around happened to be there so would look at it.

Friday was dialysis, laundry, and regular cares for clients today. Found out that mom’s tooth was pulled yesterday. Received call from state ombudsman that she is filling a formal complaint with Medicaid on the rehab center for not following the proper diet and for not keeping proper records of what was actually put out on the tray verses what was on the approved diet list. She found errors of what was on the tray compared to the approved diet list. This will affect the rehab centers 4 star rating!

Saturday was regular care for clients.

On Sunday, I had regular care for clients. Went to see mom at rehab center. I have started a CaringBridge page for her. You do need to sign up for a free account to view. This site will have basic info of how she is doing and photos. It will not be as detailed as my blogs as it is basic info to keep those following how she is doing informed but not overwhelmed. There is also the ability to leave comments and a guestbook.

Monday was dialysis. Doctor at dialysis today. Potassium level is still high and they have reviewed what she is getting to eat and filing a formal complaint with the state on the rehab center. They have also made some changes to her dialysis settings to do more filtering and see if she can tolerate the changes. Otherwise we may have to move her to another rehab center that is farther from home as nothing is open closer to home. Mom does not want to go somewhere else other than home as she likes the people and the activities. The diet seems to be the ongoing problem once the initial hiccups were worked out.

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Caregiving is hard enough as it is without having to fight the same battle over and over.


Great idea about the CaringBridge account. It's a wonderful way to keep right up-to-date and hopefully she'll enjoy the input from friends and family it provides.


Larry,\r\n I am beyond upset at the song and dance you are getting from the rehab center. My Grandfather was on dialysis and i know how important diet is. You have continually told them what they need to do and yet they continue to ignore it. Kudos once again to you for all that you have done to not only improve your mother's care but also the care of the other residents! You are a true hero!\r\nMaria