Update of 7/11/15


Update of 7/11/15

0709151126Friday after posting just as I was getting done with laundry I received a call from the rehab center that they were brining mom down to La Crosse to the ER for a distended abdomen, loose stools, nausea, and general pain. In the ER it was found that her white count was over 12,000. Her X-ray and CT scan were inconclusive so they did a contrast CT scan but would not have results until Saturday morning. About 3 a.m. Saturday they admitted her on contact precautions because they did not know why her white count was so high. They also ordered her to be NPO. Zophran was not helping the nausea although the contrast could account for some of this but they did get her pain under control.

Saturday was regular care for clients as well as visit mom in hospital. They started the fourth nausea medication this morning and that one finely helped her nausea. About 9:00 p.m. her heart started racing so they rushed her off to critical care unit. She was still on contact precautions they had not figured out why her white count was so high yet. Contrast CT showed a suto obstruction of the intestines caused by gas buildup from all the laxatives the rehab center was pushing on her because she was not going like they thought she should. So they also ordered her to be repositioned side to side to stomach every 15 min to try to dislodge the gas bubble. Finley left the hospital to go home to sleep about 1:00 a.m. Sunday.

Sunday church, care for clients and go see Mom in hospital. Got good news today that many of her test came back and her white count was back down and all infections that they were concerned about were negative so could come off of contact precautions. They also decided that she was stable enough that they moved her to the regular cardiology unit from CCU.

Monday get up and go visit Mom before going to clients. They were doing in room dialysis when I left to go to my clients. Went to visit her after clients and they had moved her repositioning to every hour.

Tuesday go see Mom and she is getting a clear liquid breakfast today. Go take care of clients and came back to see mom. She got a full liquid lunch but solid foods are not an option until she gets more cleaned out. She has been on a liquid diet for two weeks now and NPO since Friday and they want her stools to firm up more before they start more solid food as they say that will show that the suto obstruction is cleared.

Wednesday care for clients today. I am going to past my caringbridge.org post in because I think it pretty well states what went on today.

It has been a busy day!

In room dialysis today.

Many doctors through.

They have decided that she has Paroxysmal atrialfibrillation.

Also palliative care was consulted not as an end of life case but as a coordination of symptoms management across disciplines seeing that care coordination will not help when she is in the rehab center and has not done much anyway even when she was not in rehab.

The rehab center called asking about discharge as they had heard they were looking at discharging her tomorrow but we have not heard anything ourselves yet. The last time we were not informed until the day of discharge but the home knew the day before.

She has gone to the bathroom several times on her own today and her hemorrhoids are flaring up.

They have started her on light solid food today.

Thursday went to see Mom first thing this morning. Informed that she would be discharged about 11:15 a.m.. Called my client that I see at 11:00 a.m. and arranged with him to come as soon as I can after she is on way back to rehab center. Made sure a bowel maintenance plan was put in place along with diet order and medication instructions and the doctors signature so the rehab center would recognize them as valid order. I also got a copy of them. Follow-up appointments were set and I was consulted on them.

Friday back to in center dialysis today. Regular care for clients and laundry today.

Saturday regular care for clients today.

Photo is the one I took of mom at discharge just before getting on van back to rehab center with our friends service dog sitting on her lap.

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I love that palliative care is now involved!! You'll have more members on your team working with you and helping you. \r\n\r\nI also hope your mom is feeling better. And, I hope you're holding up okay, too.\r\n\r\nThanks so much for keeping us in the loop.


Hope your mom is feeling better. Can definitely relate to the musical chairs of anti-nausea meds. Finding the right \"cocktail\" can be challenging. And what works one time doesn't necessarily work the next. \r\n\r\nDid you find the palliative care consult helpful? We brought in palliative care as part of my husband's treatment teamand have found it to be quite beneficial.


Bless your heart, and your mom, for everything you both are going thru. What a challenge, when the simplest body function we take for granted on a daily basis becomes complicated and medically managed. Sure hope your plans, diet and orders are followed thru rigorously and she feels better soon.