Update of 8/15/15


Update of 8/15/15

computer-388993_640 (1)I have been away for a little while here I have had some computer problems as well as a few very busy couple weeks here. This will not be my normal style post as I have lost my notes in the computer problems and also have not kept new ones during the down time. I have started using a full size laptop instead of my netbook.

For work I have had to start doing online health records for my clients and in setting that software up had my thumb drive I kept notes on get formatted out. Most of the notes were backed up just the last twp days were not so for work notes were easy to recreate.

As of 8/13 mom is without her temporary leg as it is being used to make her semi-permanent leg that she will receive on 8/25. The semi permanent leg she will have six months to one year during which time her stump will become accustomed to the use of a prosthetic and finish its formation process. At that time they will make her long-term leg that she will have for three to five years at which time she will get a replacement.

We have had episodes of Mom having constipation and episodes of explosive diarrhea. They are still working on getting her medication balanced to control her Ogilvie's syndrome. This has caused her hemorrhoids to flare up. We see the gastro doctor on this Monday.

Had care conference for mom on August 14. Her OT is on hold until she gets her semi-permanent leg. She is working on her goals but has not meet them yet in OT but they are continuing PT as she needs to build her strength back up from her hospitalization. PT is coming along but is being hampered by her bloating when she is constipated or by having to stop for clean up when she has the explosive diarrhea so at the moment our priority is going to have to be with getting her Ogilvie's syndrome under control. Her appetite has returned to normal. He lab work is returning more normal and she is participating in many activities at the rehab center. They have given her a different wheel chair to use as the one that her MCO got her about a year and a half ago is to small for her and was causing some of her problems.

My one client is finally back to normal hours as they have found him a weekday person so I am not so rushed dialysis mornings to get things done. But I have also gotten more hours with one of my other clients so my net loss is .25 hours in a week and I am awaiting the paperwork to go through. I will be picking up an evening client for one hour per day.

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Thanks for the update, Larry. It sounds as though your mom is making progress, slowly but surely.


It says alot that your care for your mom goes on faithfully every day, even tho you do not record it and share it with us. I hope her medications help her to feel more comfortable, and the possibility of the new leg encourages you both.


Hi Larry. I am pretty new to the site. I have missed your previous blogs, but it sounds like you are having to patch things together as well. I look after my Mom as well. We have experienced rehab a couple of times in the past. I hope the prosthetic will help your Mom and that her bowel issues get resolved. It really is a balancing act, isn't it?


Welcome back to blogging Larry! Glad to hear about the progress with your mom. Praying that the Ogilvie's symptoms can be subdued soon! What a problem to have while working on OT!