Update of 8/24/15


Update of 8/24/15

082315 cafeSunday was regular care for clients. I also visited Mom at the rehab center.

Monday was dialysis with Mom. Regular care for clients. Mom has gastro appointment. Gastro has her more regular. They sent her to Urgent Care for her hemorrhoids as they could not get her in to be seen in surgery for a month. Urgent care gave her some numbing medication and got an appointment with surgery for Thursday.

Tuesday was regular care for clients. I spent time on the phone getting Mom’s transportation for Thursday figured out. It was too short of notice for the rehab center to set transportation up as they need a week to jump through all the hoops to get it paid for.

Wednesday was dialysis with Mom. Regular care for clients.

Thursday was surgical appointment with Mom. Found she has a small fissure and ruptured hemorrhoid and sever diaper rash on her bottom from all the volcano episodes. They have given her topical medication to help with the inflammation and fissure, lidocaine for the pain, Desitin for the dipper rash, and a sits bath daily to help with it all. They have also said that they need to wash her back side every time she goes to the bathroom as this has been irritating her backside. Regular care for clients. Doctor appointment with one of my clients.

Friday was dialysis with Mom. We didn't have power as part of the area was without power. I arrive at dialysis and the transport that brings Mom from the rehab center to dialysis was 40 minutes late! We also had a shooting here in town that caused my client's area to be on lockdown so could not get in right away. When I finally got in I could not get out as they went on lockdown again as they found the shooter. I did not get to laundry as I finally left the client at midnight.

Saturday was food giveaway for four of my clients. Regular care for clients. Laundry today.

Sunday regular cares today. Visited Mom at rehab center.

Monday was dialysis with Mom. The doctor was at dialysis today. It was time to reset her yearly care plan for dialysis; things did not change as far as care goes as things are going well. Regular care for clients today.

Photo is taken during our visit on 8/23 in the café at the rehab center.

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Your mom looks wonderful, Larry!\n\nHave you been able to enjoy any fun this summer? Hoping you've been able to squeeze in something for you. :)


is she eating popcorn, larry? so normal and fun! i hope she gets something normal and fun to do once in a while, bless her heart. good job you're doing for her.