Update of 9/14/15


Update of 9/14/15

0825151555I have been busy and have not gotten things posted like I would have liked but here is an update:

Aug 24 The doctor at dialysis said everything is going well with Mom from a dialysis stand point. Had to start doing cares for my weekend client during the week as least temporarily as his normal person quit without notice.

Aug 25 Mom got her semi-permanent leg.

Aug 26 Mom had back tooth pulled.

Aug 27 My main paid client during the week went to hospital.

Aug 28 Found out Mom has broken foot so no weight barring.

Aug 30 Visit to Mom at rehab center.

Aug 31 Found out I will not be working with client that ended up in hospital on Thursday as he will be going to an assisted living facility.

Sep 3 Endocrinologist appointment today He is discharging her to rehab center primary care for follow up until she is released then he will take over again. Palliative appointment was canceled by the clinic at the last minute do to an emergency and was rescheduled for Sept 17.

Sep 6 Visit to Mom at rehab center.

Sep 8 Mom was to meet with vascular doctor for her foot but her ride did not show so we had to reschedule.

Sep 10 Appointment with surgeon about her hemorrhoids and they are improving. Appointment with vascular doctor for Mom's foot. They will be doing surgery next Thursday to remove her toe the one next to the big toe. The blood vassal in it was damaged somehow and are taking it to prevent other damage. Did paperwork for a new client but still waiting to hear when I will start.

Sep 13 Visit to mom at rehab center.

On Tuesday, September 15, we have a late afternoon, which will be her pre-op appointment with surgery on Sep 17. Mom's appointments on September 17 for gasto and palliative are being rescheduled due to surgery.

The photo was taken the day she got her semi permanent leg.

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<a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/kc9hdp/' rel=\"nofollow\">@kc9hdp</a>, thinking of you and your mother and hoping her surgery goes well today.


Thank you so much, Larry, for keeping us posted as often as you can. I completely agree with <a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/janshriver/' rel=\"nofollow\">@janshriver</a>. You inspire me to keep going!


I continue to be amazed at the complexity of your mom's condition and how well you are managing it. I hope she adjusts well and recovers after her surgery, and there are no other delays.