Update of Christmas 2015


Update of Christmas 2015

IMG_20151224_173824I have had several issues that have occurred since my last post.

I do not have any internet of my own at home so am not online as much as I used to be. I am on when at the dialysis center with mom (if it's is working as the public access is limited to their excess bandwidth and the new machines do more auto reporting so bandwidth has been limited), when doing the laundry and when I can get to the library. It has even been hard sometimes to get my time sheets entered online.

Here's what's happened:

On September 17, my mom had her toe removed. On September 20 we learned that she had a MRSA infection in her foot and would need more amputated. We did not know how far up they would have to go until the doctor got in there on Monday, September 21. They ended up with another below the knee amputation. Recovery has gone better than the first amputation.

On November 18 she was released from the surgery clinic on the amputation and on December 15 she was cast for the start of the second prosthetic leg.

On November 5, I was trained to be able to take her out using the slide board.

On November 15, I took mom out for a ride in the car.

We went to the rehab center too and had Thanksgiving lunch with her. (Its main meal is in the rehab center)

On November 29 I took mom out shopping.

I took her out for Christmas Eve to the children’s Mass at our home church.

I had car breakdown on November 9 and got replacement care on November 13. I was having to do everything by taking the bus or walking made what was normally a 10-hour day a 15- to 18-hour day.

I started a new client on October 26 that I filled out paperwork for on September 10.

My friend and client who I cared for on weekends lost his weekday providers on October 23 and I have been doing all since. This friend is also has to move and has had some problems with this that are the result of his MCO not being able to measure doorways! He has been in a program to lose weight to be able to qualify for bariatric surgery. He has lost 35 pounds in the last six months and a total of 121 pounds in the last three years.

I have also gone through a bought of depression myself.

The photo is taken Christmas Eve at church with some friends from church.