Update of December 4, 2013


Update of December 4, 2013

cartaRegalo1Thursday: Thanksgiving Day The day went well. We had the full spread almost! We did not have pumpkin pie. We did have pumpkin cheesecake and a pumpkin bunt cake. There was baked turkey, deep-fried turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, sweet potatoes mashed with butter, and candied yams, garlic mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, ice-cream, steak fries, two different kinds of dinner rolls and several different salads. In all we had about 15 people stop through. We also had several different games going on, and much good fellowship.

Friday Chiropractor and dialysis for mom. We went to the Rotary Lights Parade (See http://www.rotarylights.org.)

Saturday: Regular cares, laundry for my friend and us.

Sunday: Regular cares today and homemade turkey noodle soup from the leftovers from Thanksgiving.

Monday: Dialysis for Mom. Meeting with friend to change managed care organizations. This meeting seemed to go well hopefully the change will go well.

Tuesday: Podiatry and we were to have an appointment with the diabetic nurse educator but she called in sick so they rescheduled us with the diabetic dietitian and as this was a meeting to replace my mothers glucose meter as hers old one will no longer have supplies approved by Medicare as of January 1. But we had to do a fit in appointment with the dietitian so we were at the clinic for four hours instead of the two hours expected. I also gave myself a Christmas of a year membership at caregiving.com!

Wednesday: Dialysis and chiropractor for Mom today.

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Hi Larry--I feel like you are a gift to us! So grateful we were on your letter to Santa this year and that he could deliver early.\r\n\r\nYour Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. You truly know how to prepare a spread that celebrates family and friendship.\r\n\r\nI hope your mom, your friend and you have a wonderful weekend. I look forward to hearing about it in next week's update. :)


Larry, that Thanksgiving sounds scrumptious! More than that, the fellowship sounds wonderful. May you all have a happy and peaceful holiday season.