Update of November 28, 2013 Thanksgiving Day


Update of November 28, 2013 Thanksgiving Day

thanksgivingWednesday: Travel was not as bad as expected only ended up with 2 tenths of an inch of snow and the road crews did a go proactive job on treating the sleet.

Thursday: Today was a day of rest.

Friday: Pharmacy, dialysis and chiropractor today for Mom. Laundry for friend and us.

Saturday: Normal cares today and trip to grocery store.

Sunday: Normal cares today. Homemade chili and a nice game of Phase 10.

Monday: Dialysis and chiropractor for Mom. Finish final paperwork for tomorrow's appointment for getting paid for mom. Had fight with pharmacy today. Normal pharmacist on vacation and fill in would not look at computer and see that I was authorized to pick up for my mother's medications (I even had a copy of the authorization paperwork with me and he would not look at them) and was insisting that she had to be there to get her medications, that I was having to go back and pick up because they did not have enough of when we got her pills Friday and she needed them right after dialysis and they were not open before dialysis. I had to call the corporate headquarters for the pharmacy, they looked it up and confirmed that I could and called the pharmacist and ordered him to give them to me.

Tuesday: Eye doctor and cardiology appointment with Mom. Meeting with Care Wisconsin to set up for me to get paid for taking care of Mom ran into a snag as the doctor’s paperwork was electronically signed and not hand signed as required by Medicare. The doctor is out until the 8th of December. Mileage has been approved and I will be getting paid for it back to when the others ended. We will be contacted next week by the new back up transportation provider.

Wednesday: Dialysis for mom today. Final grocery shopping for Thanksgiving and start prepping some of Thanksgiving dinner. We will be having Thanksgiving dinner at my friend's with a big potluck as they are having a residents, friends, family and caregivers dinner.

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving! 8:00 AM start prepping for the Thanksgiving dinner: Sweet potatoes in oven. Turkey goes in electric roster at 11:00 a.m. I have volunteered to help the building manager with serving and we (my friend, Mom and myself) have volunteered to help with the prep work.

I have to say it again: Document every thing as it comes in very handy!

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