Update of November 6


Update of November 6

paperWednesday: Learned that my friend’s care management team was laid off by the managing agency and a new team will be assigned and anything set up at the meeting last week Thursday will not be implemented until discussed by a new team that is to be calling him in the next three days.

Thursday: Meeting with cardiologist for Mom to discuss her inconclusive stress test that we has as part of screening to get on a kidney transplant list. Heart catheterization scheduled for November 8. This is requiring a change in her dialysis schedule to Monday, Thursday, Saturday for this week. This also will mean some rescheduling of cares for my friend.

Friday: Dialysis for mom. Laundry for my friend.

Saturday: Grocery shopping for my friend.

Sunday: We has a fall friends and family party at my friend;s building with good food and company.

Monday: Dialysis for my mom.

Tuesday: Received call for getting paid with Mom to set up appointment for Wednesday to come in and sign some paperwork.

Wednesday: Went to sign paper work for getting paid for taking care of mom. Several things came out at this meeting:
1. Kinney foundation funding starts December 1 (4 hours per week)
2. County funding begins November 15 (Up to 10 hours per week)
3. She does not qualify for IRIS care due to the above funding.
4. She qualifies for Family Care Funding, enrollment date is November 11
5. I lose mileage payment from state transportation provider on November 10
6. Family Care will pick up mileage reimbursement to medical appointments no later than November 15
7. First two funding sources are administered by her dialysis social worker
8. Family care funding will be managed by Care Wisconsin.
9. The dialysis social worker has already been working with Care Wisconsin and is happy with how things work with them.
10. Care Wisconsin will contact us by November 14 and needs to meet with us by November 20 and have all paperwork finished by November 30
11. All county is supportive services only and not covered by any other funding source! (Making meals, taking to social events, house cleaning, etc.)
12. Kidney foundation funding is only for medication and dialysis related care. (Medication set up, fistula care, dialysis transport)
13. Family funding will be based on care plan set up by care team including social worker and nurse from Care Wisconsin.
14. All programs will be paid at their own rates with separate reporting times and pay times. (Kidney foundation submit two times per month and pay one time per month. County submit monthly and paid monthly. Family care unknown as of yet.)

My friend called the agency that his care team is from (Western Wisconsin Cares) because they have not called him yet. He was informed that he has been reassigned again as of yesterday so they should call him within three days. He is not happy about all the changes and lack of communications. He will be contacting the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Western Wisconsin to see about getting his family care transferred to Care Wisconsin from Western Wisconsin Cares.

Note: I am working on my 10 tips for caring and will submit them out within the next week.

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I'm sorry to hear about your friend's care management team and all the bureaucracy attached to that. I hope that can be resolved soon, and resolved well.\r\n\r\nI love your note-taking and recordkeeping. With everything that you are handling it makes such a big difference.\r\n\r\nAnd I'm very glad you had a break and a party on Sunday. Good food and good company really hit the spot.