Update of October 16, 2013


Update of October 16, 2013

happy-birthday-72159_640This was a busy week!!

Last Wednesday after I posted the blog was a hectic day. As of August 1 the state of WI went with MTM for their transportation provider. I finally got my Comdata Master Card that they are paying on. After fighting for two months to get the card, they put my name on it wrong. They are telling me 7 to 10 business days to get a new corrected card which is what I have been hearing for two months now. I filed a formal complaint with the state over a month ago about not getting my card that they have not even started. So I can't file a complaint on the wrong name on the card they will not take a complaint until they close the other case. My mileage reimbursement is about $15.00 per week average and I am still awaiting payments that go back to August 1.

I have been told because the state has not acted on my other complaint in over a month I could file a complaint with Medicare. But wait. I can not because the feds are closed and Medicare is not accepting complaints! Also the Comdata card they put my money on can only be processed as credit and if you do more than one transaction between deposits it costs $0.25 per transaction. Many local merchants will not process a credit card transaction that is not for the full transaction amount. I have had problems with some of the credit gift cards that way. MTM will only put the money on a Comdata card.

Thursday: Had appointment with Mom to see sleep doctor. Next Wednesday night she goes for her second sleep test as she did not sleep enough at the first one for them to work with the cpap with her and she is having some problems with hers and they want to work with her on it. I cannot stay for they test as they do not allow anyone to stay with the person during the test even though I am the one that needs to help her with the cpap. I was told that if anything I am doing to help her with it changes they will teach me in the morning but it will mostly be changes to the programming of the cpap machine. We also went to see the podiatrist as her toe was hurting her and found that they did not get all of her ingrown toenail out when she was in the end of August and it was starting to get infected under her thick toenails. They dug that out and started her on antibiotics and twice daily foot soak with Johnson’s Foot Soap for 30 minutes at a time. The intern that was in podiatry saw my Family CareGiver ID and pulled me aside and thanked me for bringing her in before it got too bad and being so caring for her and gave me a coupon for a free lunch down in the cafeteria. The coupon lists it as a Family CareGiver Good Catch Award. Well by the time we were done with the appointments it was lunch time so we went down to the cafeteria for lunch. I got my lunch and Mom’s lunch and went over to the cashier and gave her my coupon and cash for my mother’s lunch (I know the prices because they post them and have tax included.) She tells me I have change coming as the hospital-issued family caregiver id cards get the employee discount for their party.

The state finally called me on my original complaint with MTM (See Wednesday above). He took all the information on all of my complaints and is ordering them to issue my payment by check instead of on the card. I have to submit a receipt for gas purchase that is at least the amount of my previous check when I send in my trip log to prove that I used it for gas which is not a problem for me as I receive about $15.00 per week in reimbursement. With other trips and things I spent about $40.00 per week in gas.

Friday: Mom is wearing slippers today instead of shoes because her toe is so sore from them digging at it yesterday and the numbing wearing off. When we got to dialysis they told her she could take her extra strength Acetaminophen for pain (two every six hours PRN). Her normal allowed dose is one every six hours PRN per her med list. Come to find out that was an old recommended dose for kidney patients and has not been updated since she started dialysis that has brought it back to the higher dose. With the help of a friend for transportation, my friend, mom and I went out to the local all-you-can eat buffet for supper. We came home stuffed as we eat WAY TO MUCH!

Saturday: Due to the outing in on Friday night laundry was today. We played cards as we waited for the laundry. Otherwise it was a relaxing day.

Sunday: Homemade chicken noodle soup today. Went to park a few blocks from friend's house today just so we could get out without any transportation available for my friend.

Monday: Received a call from my friend. He received a letter on his door from building management that each care worker that visits the building starting November 1 will be required to have an agency issued caregiver photo ID card issued by their agency. All other visitors in the building must be escorted by a tenant of the building. His building is a 20-unit secured handicapped apartment building owned by one of the local hospitals. He has lived in the building about 4 1/2 years now.

In the last six months over half of the apartments have new tenants in them. Also many of the home care agencies have been going out of business or merging lately and so providers have been changing on a continual basis. There have been several instances of people getting into the building and causing damage to the public parts of the building or stealing things from the building. They are also going to take the auto opener off the front door so when someone calls you from the lobby you will no longer be able to press a button and let them in you; will need to go to the front door and let them in. He contacted his caseworker as this has an effect on his medical care and she stated they would be issuing me a PCW Photo ID issued by the State of WI as I am funded under his Medicaid.

I now have to make an appointment with her for my photo to be taken so the card can be issued. He also called the office because his weekday providers all get buzzed in through the front door and he cannot get keys for all of them (He as a different person on each day so five regulars and then they have two back-up trained so seven total) as it would be hard for him to go to the front door and let them in every morning as he is not to be up and moving after his shower until his legs are wrapped. I have my own key as I am also his medical alarm contact person. They were informed that a key safe will be put in for each apartment in the lobby by the mail boxes with a key for front door and his apartment in it. He will be given the code for his box and will need to give it to each of his providers. They also stated that they will require that the code be changed if a provider you have given the code to is no longer coming for you anymore. If they find out that you did not inform them that someone that got the code is no longer providing services to you your box will be removed and you will need to go let them in.

Well this is fine for the regular care workers that come but what about the Meals on Wheels people who bring lunches to many of the residents as these are volunteers that you never know if they are just doing it today or if they will be back. Also Meals on Wheels does not issue photo id cards as they also do not know how many times someone will distribute meals. Also hospital security will be making rounds in the building from time to time and if the find someone who is not a tenant accompanied by a tenant or have a care worker id they will be charged with criminal trespassing. Also there been times that the agency has changed workers who come to his place supposedly for a short time just to find out several months down the road that the other provider is no longer with the company and has not been since they were last at his place. Well according to building management if this happened and management found out they would remove his key safe from the lobby. I will NOT go back to being his seven day per week provider even though we see him almost every day!

Mom got her flu shot today at dialysis. I am waiting for local heath department to have vaccination clinic as it will be cheaper for me to get it from them then anywhere else in town. I have my appointments set at the health department to get my annual TB test (given next week Tuesday and read next week Thursday) that is required for me do to do if I am care giving for my friend per the states requirements. It will also be a requirement when I get paid to take care of mom (This is being paid for by the state through the 3rd party payee that pays me for caring for my friend.)

Tuesday: Mom’s dental appointment is this morning so had to leave home by 6:15 a.m. as it takes about one hour to get to the dentist (closest that takes MA) for her 7:30 AM appointment. It was a long drive as it was raining and foggy and about 1/4 of the way is under construction with many lane changes and pavement changes. I was exhausted by the time we got there and Mom was all wound up as she slept in the car the whole way there. After complete exam we were informed that no more work can be done until prior approval is received from the state. We were told that approval has been taking four to six weeks and most have been denied for the deep cleaning that she needs to get her dental clearance to be put on transplant list. If the denial occurs we have several choices to make: 1. Pay for the cleaning our self (about $3,000.00), 2. Decide to not try for a transplant, 3. Have all her teeth pulled and apply for implants which may or may not be approved, 4. Have all her teeth pulled and apply for dentures which may or may not be approved, 5. Have all her teeth pulled and do nothing, or 5. File an appeal, which takes about one year t .go through the appeals process and lose the ability to apply for implant or denture coverage. If they go with the deep cleaning, then due to her other medical conditions, it will be about 10 visits spread over about six months to complete.

Wednesday Happy Birthday to me. (42) Mom has dialysis today. After dialysis we will be going to Pizza Doctors for Exploratory Surgery (their pizza buffet). My friend is going to meet us there as it is within scooter distance for him. Then I will be taking Mom for her 2nd sleep test as they need to do the test with her cpap as she did not sleep enough the first time for them to do it with the cpap. I plan to have a long night's sleep during the time she is at her sleep study.

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Happy birthday! Am keeping my fingers crossed about the sleep study, dental issues, and foot issues. I hope you and your mom both got a good night's sleep. Glad the transportation issue is resolving. And congratulations on the Family CareGiver Good Catch Award!

Casandra Porter

Happy Birthday to you!! I am hoping you had an amazing rest of your day :)


Happy Birthday to you,\r\nHappy Birthday to you,\r\nHappy Birthday dear Larry,\r\nHappy Birthday to you! TA TA\r\n\r\nMy eyes are crossing at all you are handling this week between your friend and your mom. I hope your Pizza is yummy and that Mom has a successful sleep study tonight. More importantly I hope you have birthday present of a long, restful night's sleep!