Update on Last Week


Update on Last Week

https://images.caregiving.com/unsafe/pr:small/plain/posts/5082c305-a9ba-4058-8b94-7854e82d5ed4/Porterhouse_steaks_grilling_barbecue_grills_meat-1024x768.jpgNote: This was written Wednesday but not submitted til Thursday as I wrote between other activities and was too tired Wednesday night to submit. - Larry

Saturday was the Maple Leaf parade for Oktoberfest. I woke up one hour late for the start of the day but as able to quickly make up time. We had stayed at my friend’s place so we could get ready quicker for his care needs in the morning plus be closer to our parade location. I woke my mother up and my friend immediately. I got dressed in the bathroom, my friend got dressed in his room and my mother got dressed in the living room. We had planned to have homemade muffins for breakfast which we made Friday night. I put my mother's and mine in the cooler with our lunch and drinks. I put my friend's on the table by his chair. I did the AM cares for my friend.Then I put the cooler in the car and took my mother out to the car.

Rain was predicted for the day so we took our rain suits with us. We arrived at our parking spot in the local grocery store parking lot 10 minutes before they closed off the street. As soon as we arrived I got my mother out of the car into her wheel chair and took her to the corner. As soon as the street was closed (6:30 a.m.) I took her out to the center turn lane of the four-lane road that would be our seating area and ran back to the car for my chair and the blanket to put down to reserve the space for my friend in his motorized scooter. Once set up I went and got the cooler, Mom and I had our breakfast.

By this time the runners for the charity run that occurs on the parade route before the parade started about six blocks from us (7:00 a.m.). We enjoyed watching the runners go by and cheered them on and had people come in waves as it was a staged start because there are multiple lengths of the race. By the time the ending group was done heading up the route the first of the ones returning the route were coming down the route.

At 8:00 a.m., I called my friend to make sure he was still up and ready for his transport van to pick him up at 8:30 a.m. to drop him off about three blocks from us. He arrived by us about 9:00 a.m. and rolled into his spot. We had fun just watching the people while we waited tor the parade to start and get to us. The parade started at 10:00 a.m. and got to us about 30 minutes later. We had fun watching the parade.

About 1:00 p.m., the sky started getting dark so we put on our rain suits and put a clear plastic garbage bag over the controls of my friend’s scooter and I took back to the car the cooler, blanket, and my chair. The last unit went by us about 1:30 p.m. and we were on our way back to the parking lot when it started raining so we went under the overhang of the grocery store and called my friends transport van and let them know he was ready for pickup by the grocery store as soon as the route was open. We waited with him and even meet some other friends that were waiting for the route to open. His transport van arrived about 2:00 p.m. and the rain was subsiding. Got him loaded and I loaded mom in our car and both vehicles headed for my friend’s place. I preformed the afternoon cares and we all fell asleep waking up in time for supper. Sunday we decided to have a day of rest instead of going to the Oktoberfest grounds as we all were still warn out from the day before so we stayed at his house and watched TV and played some card games.

On Monday I meet with the social worker at the dialysis center and we went over my charting to see how it was working. She was pleased with my progress even though we have one month of back logs to turn into charts before we can start to use them for the basis to justify my hours. I have gotten two months of them done in a little over a week. She started to enter them into the proprietary program during the time I take to do the other month worth on charting. Per the social worker it normally takes most families the three months of charting that is needed because they do not keep such good records.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we finely got my mother a dentist appointment set up to do some of the work required to get her clearance for going on the kidney transplant list. We have been awaiting prior authorization required by MA as we have been working on this since October 2012. This has caused some controversy though between her dentist who wants her to have antibiotics before the procedure and her neurologist who does not wants her to have other antibiotics because of dialysis and the dentist does not believe that they will work. He dialysis nurse case manager is going to get the two doctors on the phone together and get this straightened out before it is time for her appointment and get standing orders on file for her antibiotic for dental so we do not have problems again.

Today we decided to have all three of us get together at my friend’s for supper as one of the local grocery stores had a large package meat sale. The steaks were doing well on the grill and I had the first batch of potato crowns in the deep fryer. The fire alarm went off in his building. I quickly removed the potato crowns and unplugged the fryer. During that time my friend got in his power chair and my mother in her wheel chair. We felt the door and it was normal temperature so we slowly opened the door and did not see anything or smell anything so we proceeded to the exit and outside. I turned the grill down so the steaks would not burn. Just as I was turning the grill down the fire department arrived. After about 10 minutes the fire department told us we could return to the building. The fire alarm was still going off and my friend, a former nuclear power plant fire inspector, would not return to the building with the fire alarm sounding. So standing out there with him we watch the fire department just standing by the fire alarm panel.

I did go in and get the potato crowns and warm them in the microwave and brought out the card table and one of the folding chairs. Got the silverware and plates pulled the steak from the grill and we had supper on the cement grilling slab. During supper the security company that is the local rep for the alarm manufacture arrived (a technician I know from a previous job that I had) and met the fire department by the alarm panel. They finely were able to silence the fire alarm by removing the panel from the wall. They then installed a new alarm panel. We were finishing up eating as the technician was packing up to leave so I stopped to talk to him. Come to find out that a mouse got into the panel and committed suicide across the system power transformer sending a power serge into the system. This caused my friend to send me out to the store for mouse traps as he wants to make sure if they get in his apartment that they are caught.

It is predicted that rain will start tonight and run through the weekend with potential for severe weather Friday through late Saturday night and continued rain through Sunday.

Tomorrow mom and I will be checking out a new discount store in town. We plan to be in line when their doors open at 9 a.m. for the first time! We have been to the store about two hours away and have made a trip just to visit the store there before. (I do not want to say the store name but their mascot is a large orange!)

Plans are rather open for this weekend as storms are predicted and so we are keeping things open for the weekend, may just be watch TV, and movies. We will probably also play some card or board games.

I have notice that my friend is not as irritable since we started spending weekends with him. Looking back at the charting with my mother I have also noticed that her vitals have been better since we started spending weekends with him. I think the socializing with others that are also handicapped helps. Before we stated getting together for weekends I was still doing activities with my mother and getting her out but even the social worker thinks there is something about it being more enjoyable when they can do things with another handicapped person.So if given the opportunity to try it may be a help even though it may be a little more work in the first place for the caregiver.

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We have always tried to do activities on the weekend all my life and I guess somethings never change.


Larry, this is quite an inspiring post to read! With all the caregiving needs of so many people, you all manage to do so much, and make life fun and fulfilling in so many ways. i will think of you next time my mom says she doesn't want to go out, and I say OK, that's fine with me, and let it go at that. You truly have a zest for living and we can all take a page from that book.


Larry--You are awesome. The story about the fire alarm and the steaks speaks your volumes--you make the best of whatever comes your way and set up the party wherever you can. I loved hearing about the weekend--it sounds like so much fun. I love all the planning you do and how you make the details matter. \r\n\r\nI completely agree with you about the socialization--it's a must for our health. I also think the planning before is important, too. We all need something to look forward to.\r\n\r\nI do have to ask: What time do you get up in the morning? You overslept by an hour and still seemed to get up at the crack of dawn. :)


Your weekend sure was packed and sounded lovely! What a nice benefit to both your Mom and your Friend to spending the weekends together. Socialization is so very needed and you found the perfect plan for both. I surely hope the dental antibiotics can be worked out soon for your mom. Congrats on the charting too, you obviously are doing an excellent job and will be rewarded!