Update on Mom

I had mentioned in my last post that mom was scheduled to have surgery today. Well, it was cancelled.

Last Monday my sister took my mom to a pre-admissions test. They did all the bloodwork, urine tests etc. The tests showed she had a Urinary Trac Infection and was put on antibiotics immediately. Well today we got to the hospital at 5 am ( I had to wake up at 3:0am to get ready ) and she was admitted. They did another urine test, but it seemed like everything was okay. They took her up to the pre-op room at 7 am but around 8 the surgeon came down to talk to us. The tests showed she still had an infection so they had to cancel surgery to be safe. He told us the Infectious Diseases team would come talk to us regarding antibiotics, then we could go home and reschedule. Five hours later, we were still waiting. They had apparently ran another test and that didn't show an infection. The doctors said that maybe the surgeon would want to still do surgery. Well, he didn't, so we have to wait for their call because they are trying to put us on the schedule for next Monday.

It was a very tiring day. My mom was hungry, it was still 1 pm and had not eaten anything since the day before. It was overall a tiring, frustrating day. This only means I have to miss another day of work.

Now off to rest and clean the house!

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