balance-15712_640The last time I spent a week in a hotel was when I went to New York City in 2009. This time, I was closer to home but away, about 2.5 hours. I was with my BabySis and her partner helping with a vendor booth during a conference. It was interesting meeting firefighters, coroners, district attorney's, law enforcement investigators, entomologists, happy people and my friends from the area. Eating out was been fun! I went to restaurants that I'd heard of but never ate at when we lived here 20 years ago! Sales were not what my Sis had hoped but she appreciated the time we were able to spend together, much nicer for her to have someone alongside her. Sis's partner was there but she had duties during the day away from the hotel where we had been sitting in.

The trip to the beach was wonderfully cool and full of surprises! We saw whales breaching, spyhopping and just playing around. The porpoises were surprisingly close to shore but avoiding people. Even the sea otter floated by very close! I loved eating out and enjoying that treat for each of our meals! My waist is showing the effects that the scale has reported!

On the caregiving side, I've heard there were hiccups but no disasters. The caregiver came in the morning instead of lunch time. The agency called me me on the last day, Thursday, to say Elly told the caregiver to go ahead and leave, she didn't need any help. I couldn't think of anything to say except to tell her that the idea was to help with lunch preparation and that didn't happen this week. There was no acknowledgment of that being a problem initially so I just let it go. I am grateful for the hours I was given and Elly knows I tried to make sure she had company while I was gone.

AH missed me that week and was eager for me to be dropped off, dirty clothes and all! There don't seem to be any great stories to tell of my time away from home. My vegetables all survived and continue to produce!

The next trip is at the end of the month. I think my sisters will be on call!

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This sounds just awesome!! So glad you could go and that you had such a nice time.


I'm so happy you got away and it sounds like you rested up, being able to enjoy your family and life outside the caregiver frame of reference. My personal philosophy is \"Quiet is good. I like quiet.\" So a calm vacation with no drama to report is a great vacation in my book. Happy things went well at home and everyone was glad to be reunited in the end, I guess that's the most important part of all.