Vacation at Last!


Vacation at Last!

Despite the lack of water at our house the day before we were to leave, Hubby and I are finally away for five whole days! As we found out trying to leave, apparently a water main ruptured less than a mile from the house, but murky as it was at least it was finally back on and the toilets flushed before we left. So far so good. No emergency calls, nor have I called to see what is going on. This is to be a time away. I think of Mom and want to call and say hi, but I have decided that if I called and she was miserable I would feel awful and that is not what this is all about. She is safe, cared for and will have me back on Saturday.

My vacation rule is no cooking, so to save calories we eat two meals a day: brunch and supper.  What is a trip to Cape Cod without fried seafood. OD'd on fried shrimp while Hubby devoured fried  whole belly clams last night. Seeking "Lobstah" tonight! I do love the moments when I realize I am just being me or Hubby and I are just being "we". SIGH!  It does feel good.

Here are a few photos of the cottage, the view and the surroundings.

Where we are staying Where we are staying

The view from the porch. The view from the porch.

Right out front. Right out front.

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This looks awesome!! I'm so glad you are enjoying your vacation. :)


Hurray for you both! Your vacation place looks lovely, and I am sure you enjoy the freedom to come and go whenever you please. Breaks are so VERY important! Enjoy your Lobstah, love the two meal a day things - it's what we do when we go away too! I am so glad toliets flushed before you left, that is so incredily important.