Vacation in the Mountains in NC


Vacation in the Mountains in NC

It's Friday evening sitting here with my nephew playing with his iPad, Hubby talking to the neighbor and me watching TV and playing on my iPad.

The vacation started out a little rough. Mom was upset about us leaving; she got confused thinking we were leaving on Tuesday not Monday. I told her that's not what I told her. She started on Sunday evening about not wanting all the help we have because once something happens to her hers kids wouldn't get anything. Needless to say, I had at least two of three brothers to back me up that we would be okay, she needs to have the money for her life. She went to bed that (Sunday) not in the best mood. She got up on Moday and started all over again, but she said one thing that kinda of threw me back. Mom said, "I wished I was a mother of three other children."

Of course I know because of wondering of her mind she didn't mean it. She said we need to think about it over the two weeks. I told her she could think about it but I am not stopping my help because if I would not only would my health suffer, but my hubby would probably give up and move up to NC for good (which I couldn't blame him at all). I told Mom she had two choices: I keep the help or she moves to an assisted living or long-term care facility which would be three times what she is paying now.

Before we left, Hubby and I both kissed her, told her we would see her in two weeks and we love her. Luckily our CNA was there and understood what was going on.

We had a great trip up here with our 5-year-old nephew, couldn't ask him to be a better. We had no TV till Tuesday and no phone till Wednesday. I called mom and she sounded good, she was enjoying having one of my older nephew (18 years old), he just graduate from high school.

I received notice that the home inspector is coming out tomorrow to check Mom's home out. We have a contract to get a new roof on her home in the next ten days. Hopefully everything will be okay.

We have had great weather here. Tomorrow is the flea market--it's fun to see how excited our nephew gets.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.










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