Vacation Talk

This morning on Your Caregiving Journey, Ellen Rogin, our wealthness expert, joined us to discuss her recent volunteer vacation to Ghana. You can listen to our show via the player at the bottom of this post.

A few nuggets from our discussion:

--For our Caregiving Happiness Project, consider replacing using your credit card with using your cash.

--Look for ways to connect with others in your community by sharing a smile or a greeting.

--A simple life is often the foundation for a happy one.

And, I mention a recent article in The New York Times about our addition to gadgets; here it is.

When we spoke with Ellen last month, we discussed money and happiness. Ellen mentioned her trip, which sounded so interesting. I asked her to discuss her trip this month because I thought it may be an idea for you to think about as you ponder life post-caregiving. Maybe a trip half-way around the world to volunteer sounds like too much, but it may help you think about the impact you'd like to make in your community. You have an incredible ability---and your caregiving role proves that. I hope you will want to use that ability in another way when the next phase of life happens.

(Editor's Note: I'm thinking about tomorrow's show on hope, which airs at 9 am. CT. Would you email me your definition of hope? I'd love to hear your perspective.)

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