Vanity Fair


Vanity Fair

The following is an unpaid advertisement on the benefits of blogging.

This also may be preaching to the choir; however, I will risk that hoping at least one person will be encouraged to share here who hasn't shared before.

I have finally admitted why I love blogging so much. It helps me calm down and focus. It restores perspective. It gives me a sense of control in a world where control is a flight of fancy. It allows me to connect with other people who understand me, give me support, and remind me of what a good job I'm doing. It chronicles my mother's declining condition. It has given my brain an alternative to the daily sameness of caregiving: being creative, being humorous, being grammatically accurate, clear and concise, discovering suitable pictures which truly express what I am saying in the blog.

But when I wipe all that away, I admit why I love blogging so much. It's VANITY. I love seeing my name in print. I love to read what I write. I rush to see if Denise likes my post. I wait breathlessly until it appears on the website, pristine and polished and whole. It MAKES ME FEEL GOOD.

Do you want to feel good? In the caregiving world, there is so little to feel good about sometimes. That little jolt, that little "zing" when you see your post in print, lets you say, "I did that! That's ME! And it's good enough to be here. I'm doing good enough to be here. And I'm doing okay."


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Jan, I love how you wrote this and yes, it is so wonderful to be affirmed when we may have those affirmations during our caregiving days! I love to get my blog done knowing that it will chronicle a time for me that I may not remember clearly. I have had other times in my life, brief, a week actually that I don't remember anything more than I was there and 3 scattered details! I love the opportunity to post and vent within that post regardless of spelling or grammatical errors! I am glad you have joined us!


What a perfect ad campaign for blogging! I love it! It makes me want to blog more. :-)


So well put, my friend. I agree wholeheartedly about all the benefits you expressed that blogging provides. And yes I await seeing it posted and comments_mysql.... But I had to laugh at the 'being grammatically accurate, clear and concise\" because I fall short there and envy your marvelous way with words.


I had to smile as I read Vanity Fair. I enjoy participating for all the same reasons. lol


Yes!!! I love this!\r\n\r\nOne of my greatest frustrations is that I don't have millions reading your blog posts (and all the blog posts) here. The blog posts that all of you write are simply treasures--they are all so amazing and so helpful. Every day, I sit back, close my eyes and say, \"Thank you, God, for this opportunity to spotlight these amazing individuals.\" \r\n\r\n:)