VBS Blues (and Pinks)


VBS Blues (and Pinks)

VBS_7.25.14Whatever gave me the idea I could take on another Vacation Bible School this summer (the blues)? Two adorably sweet granddaughters, that's what (the pinks)! I must be mad, madly in love with them, I guess. At ages 4 and 6, it's not hard.

It's extremely stressful though babysitting them four days a week when my husband (who has dementia, by the way) is included. It's like babysitting a whole day care--believe me!

So after watching them (and I mean all THREE of them) for four hours, what made me think I could accompany them to VBS this week in the evenings? Like I said I must be mad!

The only bright spot was being able to leave Dean at home. Just leave him supper leftovers to devour and he's great alone.

The other bright spot is that last night was the last VBS night! Being a woman with pulmonary problems I was not in love with going up and down stairs multiple times all evening. Or standing in the sweltering heat outside during crafts, when we were having a two-day heatwave.

I was extremely humbled to see other adults with physical challenges helping the kids this week at VBS though. It made my sacrifice seem rather insignificant. I really have nothing to complain about. Kids are worth all the effort. And so is the Big Kid I left at home. Guess I'll hang in there for all of them.

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Maybe if I'm lucky enough to have grandchildren someday I'll have the motivation to assist with VBS, but until then I'll just keep saying THANK YOU to the good souls who come up with the energy for it!


Oh boy, there must not be anything sweeter than seeing the last day of VBS. Unless it's the day you close up your swimming pool for the season. Or maybe the day you sell your boat. I dunno. (I do speak from MUCH personal experience, pastor's wife) You go, girl.