Veterans Day: Who Do You Honor Today?


Veterans Day: Who Do You Honor Today?

flag-216887_640In honor Veterans Day, please tell us about your family members who served or currently serve in the military.

Please tell us about their service and any stories you've heard about their service.

And, if you served or currently serve in the military, please tell us about your service.

Thanks so much to all who serve!

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My dad served in the airforce and worked on the radios. I recently learned an aunt, although not military, was one of those \"girls\" who worked on code in WWII. She couldn't tell anyone for years and years. \n\nI have two active duty nephews, one in special forces, the other now trainer in Australia. Both have done multiply active duty tours in Irac and Afganistan. Plus one met his wife there,who is now vet and full time mom of 4.\n\nTHANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE SERVED.


My dad served in the Korean War. He was a cryptographer, encoding and decoding messages for the Atomic Energy Commission, and stationed on Eniwetok, an island in the South Pacific. He witnessed the first testing of the hydrogen bomb, nicknamed \"Mike.\"

Anthony Zullo

I had an uncle killed in WWII,my brothers were in the Navy and granddaughter and her husband are in the air force


My father-in-law immigrated to the United States from Scotland when he very young. He served in WWI, but not for the US. He was too young so he went to Canada, lied about his age and joined there. To this day we are really not sure exactly how old he really was when he died in 1981.


My grandfather served in the Army, my husband, Navy. Ian was a pilot for 8 years, getting his wings right after Sept. 11. No one could come to the ceremony! because all the flights were canx. In total he's flown 4 aircraft, landing two of those on the aircraft carrier. His last deployment was part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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