Video Chat: Caregiver Burn-Out

200px-Camera-video.svgWhat's it like when you are burnt-out caring for a family member? Join me for a discussion about caregiver burn-out.

My guests include:

--Susan Baida, co-founder of, an award-winning site that provides care coordination tools and expert content for family caregivers. eCareDiary was featured in USA Today and in AARP’s “11 Technologies You’ll Want Now” alongside Skype and Google. Susan lives in Pittsburgh, Penn., and is considered a sandwich generation caregiver. She cares for her mother who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and her three preschool age children. She also oversees care long distance for her father who is Type 2 diabetic and partially blind. She and her husband John are in the midst of building a home with a separate in-law suite to accommodate her mom in anticipation of her future needs.

--Chris MacLellan, who works for a social service agency and cares for his partner. Chris blogs on and on his website, The Purple Jacket. Follow Chris on Twitter: @TheBowTieGuy

--Janice Lynch Schuster, a senior writer for Altarum Institute. Janice works on projects for the Center for Elder Care and Advanced Illness, whose aim is to “make it safe to grow old.” The Center’s work focuses on improving care for frail elders, work that must include improving the experiences of family caregivers. Lynch Schuster is a co-author of “Handbook for Mortals: Guidance for People Facing Serious Illness,” which received the 2012 Book Award from the American Medical Writers Association. Her articles and essays appear frequently in The Washington Post and occasionally in The New York Times. Read her article, With Nurses at Risk of Compassion Fatigue, Hospitals Try to Ease Their Stress, which appeared in The Washington Post. You can read her poetry

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