Video Chat: Working and Caregiving


Video Chat: Working and Caregiving

200px-Camera-video.svgOn April 12, I hosted a video chat on Google Hangouts to discuss managing a career and a caregiving experience. You can watch our discussion via the video at the bottom of the post.

The panel of family caregivers includes:

--Chris, who works for a social service agency and cares for his partner. Chris blogs on and on his website, The Purple Jacket. Follow Chris on Twitter: @TheBowTieGuy

--Dana, an executive producer at a TV station, who cares for her husband. Dan blogs on and on her website, Love Like This Life. Follow Dana on Twitter: @DanaBrownRitter

--Heather, a long-distance caregiver for her father who works for a regional medical center. You can listen to Heather talk about her caregiving experience here. Follow Heather on Twitter: @HeatherSlutzky

--Patti, a social communications and strategy manager who cares for her parents. Follow Patti on Twitter: @PattiJShea

--Shanika, a freelance multimedia copywriter in which she combines her skills as in 2D animation, illustration, and interactive media with web copy to create visually engaging sales messages. She works part time from home in the mountainous area of Lithonia, Georgia, where she takes care of both her parents, Emmitt and Johnnie Journey, and her one year old son, Antonio. Follow Shanika on Twitter: @ShanikaJourney

Resources: Be sure to join our Working and Caregiving group to connect with others in a similar situation; just go here to join.

(Note: I had the camera turned off for the first few moments of our broadcast--thanks to a viewer for the heads-up. !! And, we just had audio for Shanika.)

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Casandra Porter

Thanks for doing this chat :) Just got the chance to sit down, breathe and catch up on things. There are a lot of great tips in here and already pulled up and going to start utilizing The Fresh 20 website. Love that idea! Sometimes I get stuck in frozen dinner nightmares because I just don't have the time. Many things echo with what's going on for me juggling work and home right now. So, I really did gain a lot of knowledge from this chat.


Just joined here at the end - I'm so excited about thefresh20 Dana - another awesome bonus this week!