On The Frontlines of Caregiving: Voices of Millennial Caregivers


On The Frontlines of Caregiving: Voices of Millennial Caregivers


According to the AARP, millennials make up 25%—one in four—of America’s 40 million unpaid family caregivers. It’s hard to launch your own life when you’re spending an average of 20 hours per week caring for your parent or family member.

I admit, I was guilty. When I thought of caregivers, I thought of people in their 50's and above caring for aging parents or spouses. I didn't really think of people in my son's generations having to take on the added responsibility of being a caregiver.

Boy - was I wrong!

Jennifer Levin was a caregiver for her father who had Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, a rare degenerative brain disease. Since then, she has gone on to write about her experience as a Millennial caregiver for Cosmopolitan and created and moderates the Caregiver Collective support group on Facebook. Jennifer's goal is to bring awareness to the startling statistic of Millennials who care for family, the ways caregiving affects them differently than previous generations, as well as encourage these caregivers to seek support.

Jennifer joined me on my podcast, "On The Frontlines of Caregiving," to educate me, and hopefully, get the word out to other millennial's who might need some support.

We discuss a range of issues ranging from the specific challenges that Millennial caregivers face, why it's so important to identify as a caregiver, and how to handle job pressures and advocate for your rights as a caregiver.

You can connect with Jennifer on her Facebook support group, CaregiverCollective, and through Twitter, @ClassicLevin.

I hope you enjoy and it and gain some insight. Please forward along to a millennial you know!

Listen to "Millennial Caregivers: Voices You Should Hear" on Spreaker.


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