Vote in our NCC17 Rocks Contest


Vote in our NCC17 Rocks Contest

Our rock artists are ready for your vote! Our artists decorated a rock in our NCC17 Rocks in hopes of winning a virtual registration to our Second Annual National Caregiving Conference.

Check out our rock art entries, below, and then cast your vote for your favorite. Our favorite rock artist will win a free virtual registration to our Second Annual National Caregiving Conference.

Voting ends on Friday, November 3, at Midnight CT. I'll announce a winner on November 4.

Good luck to all our artists!

Janis Nowak
I am a professional caregiver who is amazed at the courage demonstrated by both carers and carees alike. Hard waters to navigate. My rock is a message from all brave carees to their carers.

Lillie Fuller (Rock No. 1)
I am a very recent former family caregiver!

Lillie Fuller (Rock No. 2)
This is one of many rocks I have painted in the excitement of attending #NCC17. I am a very recent former family caregiver!

Rachel Marie
I’m 33. I took care of my dad for the last three years of his life. I wasn’t a full time caregiver for the entire time, really only the last month was I his constant companion. But from the day he was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer, my family has never been the same.

He was an independent and driven man, worked as a surgeon until the day he went into the hospital for the last time. At different points during his three year battle I stayed with him at the hospital overnight (on shifts back and forth with my mom), sat with him in chemo treatments or next to him as grave news was delivered, and then at the end my mother, sister, and I were his caretakers.

After he passed I traveled a lot. I’ve now made it to all 50 states. At one point I was in St. Paul, Minnesota for a yoga retreat. One of the instructors made a triangle with her hands over her head and said, “this is a symbol for ourselves. It reminds us that We Matter. I Matter. Say it with me, I Matter.”

“I Matter” has stayed with me since then. I find triangles all the time. It’s a mantra that’s comforted me in the aftermath of my caregiving of my Dad. I never thought I’d be put in that situation and definitely wasn’t trained for what was going to happen. But I became a witness to his parting from this earth and in so doing have found the “We Matter” because now I know I’m not the only one.

I painted this rock with my friends children. When I said, “I’m not sure what colors to use” her daughter told me “then just use them all!” Of course. It’s been in my car pointing forward down the roads I’ve traveled. Reminding me that I Matter and that I’m not alone no matter where I am.

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Congrats to Janis, who won! Look for an email from me tomorrow. :)