What's Our Professional Name?


What's Our Professional Name?


Update: Thanks so much to those who voted!! The winning name for our profession is Family Care Manager. I’ll send $100 to Dale Welch, one of three who submitted this name in our contest. Lisa B Capp and I also submitted this name. Dale also will join me on a future podcast and will receive a free membership to our Caregiving Co-op.

We’re professionals in our caregiving role. We provide the same level of care and manage the same kind of responsibility as our health care partners. We’re also daughters, parents, spouses, siblings, sons, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends and cousins.

We’re professionals in the care of our family members.

What’s our professional name?

We're ready to vote! Thanks to those who submitted a name for our Professional Name Contest. I reviewed the submissions and narrowed down our options. The options, with the name of the submitter, are below.

Click here to vote for your top three favorite names. Voting ends at Midnight ET on June 16.

  • Ambassadors of Family Care (Melody)

  • Care Concierge (Nancy Cambridge)

  • Care Partner (commonly used in the dementia care space)

  • Care Professional (Deborah Lyn Stanley)

  • Care Tender (Lois Kipnis)

  • Caregiving Advocate and Resource Expert (Rebecca Keeton)

  • CareGiving Professional (Kevin Brown -- no relation)

  • Carepreneuers (Melody)

  • Family Care Advocate (April Koontz)

  • Family Care Coordinator (April Koontz)

  • Family Care Expert (April Koontz)

  • Family Care Facilitator (April Koontz)

  • Family Care Manager (Denise Brown, Lisa B Capp, April Koontz and Dale Welch)

  • Family Care Navigator (April Koontz)

  • Family Care Partner (Rachel Hiles)

  • Family Care Professional (April Koontz)

  • Family Care Professional (Sarahbeth Persiani)

  • Family Care Specialist (April Koontz)

  • Family Care Specialists (Ken and Ellen Reaves)

  • Family Care Technician (Rachel Hiles)

  • Family Caregiver (Our current name)

  • Family Healthcare Manager (Theresa Robertson)

  • Family-First Caregivers (Janice Goldman)

  • Life Continuity Coordinator (Nancy Cambridge)

  • Personal Care Specialists (Ken and Ellen Reaves)

  • Personal Health & Welfare Network Administrators (Gary Presto)

  • Personal Network Care Managers (Gary Presto)

  • Professional Family Caregiver (Patty Atkinson)

The name with the most votes becomes our professional name. The individual who submits the winning name will receive $100 and will join me on an upcoming episode of my podcast, Your Caregiving Journey. You also will receive credit for our name in our Caregiving Co-op and lifetime free registration to our Co-op.

Vote for our Professional Name. Voting ends at Midnight on June 16.

Why is this important?

Once we have a professional name, we’ll tackle our next steps:

  • Create a certification program available through our Caregiving Co-op. Our certification program will include training so that we have the knowledge and support we deserve. Once certified, we’ll be called Certified (insert winning name of our profession).

  • Through our certification program, we’ll establish our standards of excellence.

  • With a standards of excellence and certification program in place, we’ll begin outreach to get paid for what we do. For instance, our caree’s long-term care policies and Medicare Advantage plans could be potential opportunities for us. Medicaid waivers already may provide the opportunity; we’d love to expand the opportunities. Because we will be the solution, want to control our own standards of excellence rather than having another entity do that for us.

  • We position ourselves to be the effective solution the shortage in professional caregivers. Because we don’t have enough home health aides and Certified Nursing Assistants, more and more responsibility will fall on us. What if the money that would be spent on aides and CNAs instead became our reimbursement? We’ll be doing the work anyway; why not get paid?

  • As professionals, we can organize to receive benefits like health insurance and a retirement plan. (Thanks so much to Julie Fleming for this idea. I reached out to several colleagues, including Julie, @srhall419 and @bethsuereth, to discuss the idea of creating a professional name. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t completely daft in making this suggestion.)

  • If we take a leave of absence from work to care for a family member, we can include our professional name and description on our resume to reflect our professional work during that time period. We no longer have a gap but professional experience with transferrable skills.

One last note: Some names didn't make our list but they deserve a special mention, including:

  • Person in Need of Lifetime Supply of Tylenol (Gary Presto)

  • Amazing Human Being (Rebecca Keeton)

  • Buddy Best Friend (Vee Kay)

  • Comfort Carriers (Brenda Baumgartner)

  • Hope Helpers (Brenda Baumgartner)

  • Grace Workers (Brenda Baumgartner)

  • Angels of Home (Maria Gonzalez)

  • Butterfly Caregivers (Lorene Post)

Thanks so much to all who submitted an idea!

Click here to vote for your top three favorite names. Voting ends at Midnight on June 16.

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