WAIT Buddy: Volunteers Offer Comfort During the Stress of Waiting


WAIT Buddy: Volunteers Offer Comfort During the Stress of Waiting

love_typedAbout a year ago, I started thinking about the problem of waiting during a caregiving experience. You wait during horribly stressful circumstances--a caree's surgery or procedure or treatment. And, often, you wait alone. The more I thought about this, the more I wondered how I could create an app to connect you with other family caregivers to keep you company while you wait.

A few years ago, Pegi (@worriedwife) began thinking about the same problem. She wanted her church to create a program that matched volunteers with waiting family caregivers. Through her program, a waiting family caregiver would enjoy the company of a volunteer.

Try as we might, both Pegi and I couldn't turn our ideas on our own into solutions. Separately, we just didn't have the resources. Then, Casandra (@comicvixen) wrote about waiting last week. In a separate conversation, Jane (@jbones1961) spoke with me about the power of texting.

And, it all came together. Pegi and I had a conversation about how to make a volunteer program happen and today I'm happy to announce the debut of our WAIT Buddy volunteer program.

WAIT means We Are In Touch. As you wait, a volunteer will send you text messages to keep in touch. The waiting could be in a hospital or clinic or doctor’s office. Or, the waiting could be at home, as you wait during your caree’s last days. Or, the waiting could be during a really long awful day, like a holiday, when you can’t wait for tomorrow to arrive.

I've created a forum, WAIT Buddy, for our program. Join our group to volunteer to be a WAIT Buddy and keep in touch via text messages while a family caregiver waits.

And, join our group when you need a WAIT Buddy. When you’re waiting, a WAIT Buddy checks in with you via text messages. When you need a WAIT Buddy, schedule your request in our group’s calendar. We’ll be in touch before the surgery or procedure or day to introduce you to your WAIT Buddy.

You can join the group to be both a volunteer and a recipient, volunteering when you can and asking for a volunteer when you need one. Our group is private so only members of our website can see the information shared. Not a member? Create your free Caregiving.com account and join us.

Join our WAIT Buddy group here.

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Hi Sadie--I sent you an email with the link to register your account. We can get you a volunteer. In addition, we have chats three times a day so please feel free to jump into our chats when you can.


I love this idea, Denise (and Pegi)! I don't have texting, but I found this article that tells how to text to a cell phone from a laptop: http://techtips.salon.com/text-someones-cell-phone-laptop-3711.html I will definitely check that out!